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      True Love hurts for a lifetime


When i was young i always been a believer of love - that love is everything in this world. But, i never know that i would be a victim of this very insinuating thing called L.O.V.E.

I was 19 yrs. old when i met him, and from the very first time i saw him there was something i felt inside. I was crazy in love with him, he was my world and my life. I gave him everything that i have - my body and soul.

We lasted for 3 yrs. and with in that period i got pregnant and well, sadly, i found out hes not really that in love with me, he has someone else and left me alone pregnant with our baby.

He was an idiot and i was a fool.I was a martyr for quite sometime. It took me years to finally accept he doesnt love me anymore. I cried every night thinking how stupid i was to be in love with someone who treats you so badly.Hurt and pain is what i can define about love.

3 yrs. later my baby is now grown up and very healthy (THANK GOD). Looking at my baby i never regreted everything that happened to me but the impact of it lasted for a lifetime. I dont think i still believe in love and

I dont know if i could be in love again.I am in great pain and theres no pain reliever that could stop the pain that i felt for do many years. Everytime i see lovers i envy them for the happiness they have, i envy them for the love they shared. The things i never get to experience.But, the truth is i missed him so much, i miss his face, his kiss, his touch, his love, his affection. I still cry at night, Im lonely but i never showed it to my friends or family. The only thing that keeps me going is my son whom i love so much. He is my joy, my life and my world. Without him i would die.


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