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      An unexpected guy came in


Ive been going to the same elementary school with all my friends. The people i grew up with since kindergarten. I have always hung out with the same group of guys and girls.

Grade 8 comes along the first year of High School. I came into grade eight knowing i would not be distracted with BOYZZ and focus on school.

That summer a really nice guy name Shane started talking to me to ask me advice on how to get this girl. I ovbiously helped him cause i loved helping people on that kind of stuff. It didnt work out. I was there for him. We slowly started calling each other as friends. I didnt relize that i was slowly falling for him.

In my mind i kept on thinking "do i really wanna loose a great friend to have a guy"? I chose i would rather have a great friend. We talked that whole year. We started becoming closer and closer and i could talk to him about anything. He asked me out that summer and i kept turning him down. I told him "i dont wanna loose our bond". He said okay il wait. We hung out and had a great time with each other. Grade 9 came and it has been a year since me and shane started to get to know each other. I finaly knew then that i could go out with this guy and i knew he was the right guy and that i was in love with him. We started going out in November of grade 9. Im 21 and it has been 8 years since I started dating Shane. I just became a teacher last month and a FIANCE to the love of my life! Im getting married next year to the boy i met in grade school.

Some things are never expected.


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