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      What A Mystery He Is!...


"I just need to share! My feels and whatever that's running through my head! He's such a pain in the heart!!!

The boy i like, not my boyfriend though, which i truly wish he was.

but he makes me wait and wonder! Besides, not just wait and wonder, it includes making me hurt in such way. He flirts so much with other females, and i hear so much of him.

('yeah, he likes this basketball girl, did you know that?')

whatever!!!! i don't wanna hear it anymore!

it gets old, i'm tired trying to catch up with him.

MAN! it sucks so much! He don't understand me? NO! he does, he jsut don't appreciate me. NEVER!

He sends mix messages!

there's a day he likes me, and a day he don't.

A moment he likes me, a moment he don't.

Now what on earth is wrong with him? It can't be some sort of disease!

There are times when i cry out of nowhere!

I'll think of how fast the year will come and go, how I won't ever get the opportunity to show him what i am.

He's someone that you can find in 100 bunches of guys.

His smartness gets my attention, his looks gets closer to my heart, jsut him being himself, gets my heart.

Omg! I'm totally burning in flame!

He's gotten me mad so many times.

I wish he knew how i felt, so he would appreciate me. Even if once, i'll be happy.

I've been through the moment when he knows i like him, but still, he likes another girl, excluding me.

It hurts muchos! but life's not fair.

There's this time, he touched my hair, and then by the time i notice, he ran across the street and walked the other girl home. If he plays around, he can, but not like this. NO!

I know and friends tell me, he's just messing with my head. And i agree half of the time.

The girl that he had interest, she was pretty, but not all pretty girls have a pure heart, because soon to be, i stop seeing him and the girl. And heard they stopped talking. She probably did him wrong, because people say so.

Hoping he would realize, and come to me, it don't go that way in life, only in movies.

Guys/boys are guys/boys.

They move on. "

to be continue...


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