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      17yr old broken heart


I'm a seventeen-year old boy with a story that is worth the ten minutes it will take to read, this is the past year and a half of my life. Enjoy…

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in early July my friend leah was having a late birthday party and I was fortunate enough to make it, I was that awesome kid that got dropped of by my parents but what ever at least I was there, it couldn’t have been three seconds out of the car when I laid eyes on an angel, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on and I was breath taken by her. I introduced myself then walked over to leah, we made small talk but it wasn’t long until I was asking about this goddess,

" oh her, that’s Meredith, she's her with Jesse the emo kid next to her." leah said

"Oh so she has a boyfriend?" I asked

"No there just friends" she replied

My eyes lit up

So I tried my best to talk to her, I'm a hansom boy and I have a nice personality but I get nervous around girls so the best I could do to make contact with her is I kicked around a soccer ball with her. The night went on and we didn’t say more than a few words to one another. But I guess it was enough a few days later I friend requested her on my space and we started talking. Now this girls my space absolutely made me obsess she had a song that for some reason was intoxicating to me, ad the photos of her and I was in a bit of a euphoric state, I would spend hours just listening to that song dreaming of that girl, we started talking first just as friends but I quickly grew to more, flirting and what not, we then started talking on the phone for hours on end, we didn’t have much to say but we never stopped talking. We decided it would be a good idea to go out, so she brought her friends and I brought my best fiend jarred, we all went to a show in Manchester and then walked around a skate park for a while as they were about to leave I had a shot of sudden courage and we walked over to a ramp, I delicitly lifted her onto it and I kissed her, this girl had the softest lips any mans ever felt, I went week at my knees. I must have been good for her to, she was all giggle. So a few days went by and we kept talking finally I called her up and said to her

"Hey mere could I ask you a question?" I asked.

"Sure what is it?" she replied

"If I hugged you would you hug back?" I asked

"of course you know that." she said

"But if I kissed you would you kiss back?" I asked

"Yup, I'd love to" she replied

" if I wanted to tell people you were my girlfriend would that be okay with you?" I asked

" yea I'd sorta like that." she said

" if I asked you to make me the happiest boy in the world would you?"I then asked

" ill try" she said

"Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked


I was happy…

A few months went by and we were pretty much the cutest couple you’ve ever scene, neither me or her had our license yet but my friend jarred was there for me and brought me back and forth, he was fine with it only because he could tell she was important to me. She finally got her license and we could see each other more. And we did about three hours a night then we would talk for about 3 hours a night. I was on top of the world. After about three ,months I couldn’t wait any longer, I called her on the phone and put wore my heart on my sleeve, I said

"Meredith I've never said this to anyone but I'm in love with you, you make me the happiest boy in the world, she said to me that she loved me to she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. About two weeks later I bought her a $600 promise ring, it was amazing 18k white gold with 11 full cut diamonds sparkled almost as much as her emerald green eyes. At four months I took her virginity, I still remember that exact moment in time, I don’t think I could ever forget that, we were so in love, after the first time that’s all we pretty much did for the next year, I bought her all the presents I could, we called and texted each other all the time, spent every night together the oppitumy of young love. I even used to walk from my school to hers about a hours long jog just so I could surprise her at the end of the day with flowers " I was the first boy to do that, all the girls pretty much fell in love with me, good for me bad for the other boyfriends they soon had to start walking to school to give flowers just to keep up with the cute things I did for mere"

Yup I was in love, we had our first fight near x-mas, I caught her flirting with boys on my space,I was really mad for the first time but I let it go. She continued to do little things that bothered me but what ever right no ones perfect. So we kept doing what we did making love, and pretty much owning the Hooksett, Manchester, and Goffstown. It was amazing, we would go any where and every where just to have fun and ,make memories. One time we almost broke up and I nearly killed myself she saved me, we went to a dug out in Hooksett and carved our names in it. The fight was nothing major but she is to me so yea I'm glad we made it through that we argued allot and had lots of sex like allot I cant name one place we didn’t do it, we loved showing one another how much we cared for each other. Months went on and until this month we were perfect I had gotten arrested in July cause me and my dad got in a fight but mere was there for me threw it all, I got of pretty easy I just couldn’t be arrested again or I would got to jail for a while. Any ways yea we hung out with her friends allot and sometimes my friends namely JARRED who was well aware we've been going our for a long time, any ways recently mere heard from a friend I was seeing someone else, NOT TRUE I have a friend that I hang out with that’s it! But mere must have been pretty mad/sad rather then confronting me she fucked jarred to get back at me, i can't figure out what either of them where thinking, me and mere have been going out for ever I even picked out a $1500 engagement ring I was going to buy for her and give to her on our a and a half year annivesery. It was flippen nice,but they fucked, and she called me, this is what she said while she was laughing

"Haha" she said

"What's so funny?" I asked

" I cant believe you ever thought I cared about you, your nothing to me, a piece of shit, I fucked jarred!"

"What why?" I said already in tears

" you shouldn’t have cheated on me"she said

"I didn’t" I said

"Yea okay haha" she said and the hung up on me

My stomach feel and I started to throw up a little, I had to go find jarred, I went to his house, his work, his school. He was no where. By the time I got home the cops where there

They brought me in and said I threaten mere, "I didn’t by the way" any ways I got arrested she put a restraining order on me, so did jarred now I don’t get to even talk to her to tell her how much I love her and how important she is to me, and she’s of with other guys still trying to get back at me, she still thinks I cheated on her, and she’s been posting bull shit my spaces and calling my friends telling them that I had been cheating on her the entire time, they know its bull shit, mere's all I ever talk about and they tell her that but she wont listen, I need her, I love her so much but on top of the restraining order I'm going to jail; for a few months because I violated my parole. In a matter of hours my life was completely ruined because she though I cheated on her, and you know what, I wouldn’t care if I could just kiss her one last time she's my world every one makes mistakes and I know that but I wont see her for a long time, my only wish the only thing keeping me from curling in a ball dying is I hope she realizes she loves me and she waits for me. It probably wont happen but a boy can dream right. And dream I do, of times we used to share I love that girl and every night once I close my eyes I get to see her, taste her, feel her one last time. Any ways yea I love her, I passed her the other day by the mall and I didn’t get 10 feet down the road before my emotions hit and I threw up every where, I'm heart broken I used to see her for at least 6 hours a day and now I haven't seen her in over two weeks, I've lost 10 lbs I'm smoking a pack a day and even though the only time I'm happy is when I'm sleeping I cant fall asleep, my minds to full of thought. I love her I need her I want her and I know if I could hold her one last time everything would be okay again. She messed up really bad, but I have to in our relation ship I was a really jealous boyfriend and over protective but who wouldn’t be she's gorgeous and likes to flirt with other guys, she my first love and my worst fear is she would cheat on me, well that came true kill me know, I beg you so this hurt will end.



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