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      I wish to love him


has anyone ever felt the pressure of having to put aside your love for the sake of holding your family together??????

well, me and ******* were best friends since were young, not only that but our famillies were really tight..!!it wasn't until last year, our famillies separated because my brother went out with his sister. it would've been okay, but the thing is, is that he was 26 and her 17, and my brother was already engaged..!!and because of that incident, both our famillies suffered badly..!!our famillies are not really as tight as before..!!now that me and ******* are in love, we can't do anything because, our famillies suffered once before and we dont want then to suffer again because of us..!!i love my family with all my heart and i know that it's wrong,but it's love..!!something that is very hard to let go of..!!i wish that things can be okay because i really love him and he loves me to..but we can't do anyting..!!he wants me to mov away with him because he knows that noone will accept our love..!!but my parents mean the world to him, my father is ill and the last thing i want to do is be a burden to him..!!


i feel stupid even writing this..!!i love you ******* but i love my parents to..!!maybe one day in the future, someone will allow our love to bloom..!!i love with all my heart and soul..!!


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