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      I love you and always will


I am scared to live...I  just want you back and If I can never have you....atleast give me my closure....thats the only thing I ask. I know i'm not your prince charming...I'm just dust to you...just a paper bag but please just let me heal...I dont want to feel like this forever. you emailed me after 3 cold bitter years with only 3 sentances.....I thought you might be back ... but I saw your display picture with your significant other on facebook sweetheart....and it made me cry never even let me hold you...atleast someone was able to get your love...i'm here waiting for something thats never going to come...I loved you...and always will....give me closure please...I beg of you....dont forget the ride back when we met...i wish i could pause time that was the best day of my love isn't so innocent...and it never can be


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