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      Stupid Me


This is a story about a guy who is simply unspoiled perfection. He knows the secret to true love and I took advantage of that.


He was always there for me... My dad was dying from brain cancer last year and he was there ready to help me. He never let me down. He always told me that he loved me... He was always willing to give up whatever he was doing to help me. I wish I would have been there for him like that... But I was always finding excuses not to.


He would invite me to do things with him, but I always found a way to blow him off. I sometimes didn't do this intentionally but well, I guess this all became a habit. We've ended and started our relationship numbers of times. But never finding the right solution. I love this guy with all my heart, and I wouldn't ever change a thing about him. I just wish I could change some things about me. I wish I never would have broken his heart the way I did.


Basically I just wanted the world to know, I LOVE GEORGE ROSETTE! And I always have. He doesn't know this like he should. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't believe me if I did tell him. He is the most wonderful guy in the world. He would always give up whatever hes doing to come help. He's soooo cute also!! He's just perfect. I love him so much that I've cried. Thats how much I love him. The only problem is, I don't show it very well. But if he ever decides to take me back...(which he probably wont) I won't do that ever again. If he doesn't...well... I have no regrets about dating him other than that we broke up. I wish I could tell him that.  


Stupid me messed the best thing up for me. My only true love.


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