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It was not always easy getting away to see him. I knew i had to follow my heart.   I knew if I showed him what he meant to me, He would never let me leave.   Just a few months ago, I wrote down how i would someday hope we could live together. He did say, well maybe someday. He did tell me he loves me too.  I thought well, this may work out.  I couldn't give up.   I was at his house two weeks ago, when we had a little  tiff. But we both apologized and i thought everything was good again.   I had no clue that before long . Things with us would end.   I knew with him working in retail, with it being into the holiday season, he would be working all hours.   So when i didn't hear from i just accepted he was really busy at work.  The dreaded phone call came just two nights ago.   I knew something was wrong, when i heard the tone in his voice.    He said he was trying to man by calling me. He said to me, " I can't talk to you anymore"  I said, "What do you mean, please talk to me . I felt a big lump in my throat trying to remain calm.  He said he had meant someone else. He also said he never told me he loved me. Then the next i heard was someones voice. I said who is that. That person came on the phone. I said who the **** is this?  She said I am his soon to be Fiance. I told her i have been with David for almost 4 years. I didn't want to hear no more. I hung up, he tried calling me back .l He left me voice message  . But i had nothing more to say.  I was shocked to say the least.  I knew my heart was broken, but I know in the end , he will be all alone. Sad and lonely. GOOD BYE DAVID 


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