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      Fatal Attraction!!!!


I guess if I will not share this story, it will kill me eventually.....


It was a beautiful day down in the south, where I went on vacation with my wonderful husband of 2 years.  I am a young girl in her VERY early 20's.  Everything was gorgeous... the beach, the sun and my loving husband until....I saw another man on the beach, who happened to be 15 years older than me. I never believed in love at first sight but our eyes just met and we were unable to keep them off each other ever since.  Even though we did not approach each other the first day.....the next evening we could not stay away from each other.  It was like electricity.....if I was around him or just passing by...I felt an electric shock.....  I lost my sleep for the rest of the trip.  I am a good wife and had never looked at another man in my life...but that was bigger than me...

We felt in love with each other......nothing happened except for an innocent kiss at the end of the trip.  We were crying at the airport together, trying to hide it from our spouses.

He is now miles away from me and there is no way for us to see each other again....but every morning we start with talking to each other.  This is killing me.  I feel incredibly guilty....and hurt.  It is so hard to be in love with someone and understand that you hurt others.....moreover to realize that you will never be with this person in your life.... It is what he called it a fatal attraction, which is killing us softly.  I was sure that it will pass after I come back...but it doesn't go away.....Is it the real love, which only happens once in a lifetime????


If someone had a similar experience...please share it with is so hard to go through it alone!!!!




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