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      Another lost love.


He was just so perfect .Just to perfect to be true. he was that prince charming that every girl would die for . he was gorgeous and he was in love with me .we were friends for about 3months. very good friends . we talked every night for about 5 hours . we had so much in common . i called him my best friend . but he didn't feel the same way . he felt more then just friends .  i never wanted him in the beginning . and one day when i finally accepted his offer of being his girlfriend , everything changed . the first month he was amazing . when we fought and i would hang up , he would always call back 50 times just so i could answere . he would send me the cutest text messages so i could wake up in the morning to them . when i was with him he held me as if he was never going to let go . the way he kissed me felt so right and made me feel so amazing inside . the next month of our relationship , things starting to change . my attitude towards him started to get nicer and he started to get meaner. my mistake i tried changing for him. i was to nice . he took advantage of my love. he would toy with me every so often . i guess he  thought it was fun to see me in pain ,crying my eyes out . he hurt me so badly . and i still find it in my heart to forgive him . he dumped me after our 3 months together and were still friends . i still care for him so much and i know he cares too . but what can i say . i guess its just not meant to be .


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