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      Young love


a few years ago I took the city bus. I just started middle school and I was very young. There was this guy that I had a crush on but he never even acknowledged my existence on the bus.


I knew I didn't have a chance with this guy but then I saw this other guy...he would always stare at me, so as time went by I would look at the guy and he would smile at me. He was very cute, he was a blonde with a comb over and he looked about 16 or so. After about a month or so I was in love with him. He would always read his book and look up at me and smile. He would always sit beside me and look at me.


One day I thought to myself "If you truly love this guy then don't let him go, you have to be with this guy, he loves you as much as you love him" so one day me and my friend took the city bus together and that guy was on. I pointed him out and was like "yes, that's him, that's bus boy right there!" as I smiled to myself. My friend smirked and said in a teasing voice "I am going to go and ask him his name!" I grabbed her arm and said in a warning voice "no don't, please don't, you'll be an idiot if you do!" she just smirked and I let go of her. Then she started heading her way down to the guy. My face went bright red as I made my way to my friends brother that was in my class. He gave me a thumbs up and I shook my head.


As I stood there with my face as bright as a tomato I heard my friends voice come from the front of the bus "hey you, whats your name?" I smacked my head and looked at my friend as she smirked while making her way toward me again. I looked at the guy from the corner of my eye and he was smiling at me. "you are such an idiot!" I said quietly but then totally changed the topic "so whats his name?" I said curiously "Jeremiah" She said in a mocking voice.


The next day I took the bus in the morning as usual and I saw him...Jeremiah..he smiled at me and started talking to me and asking me questions, like what school I went to and if I was ever on m.s.n and everything like that, I was shocked and was as shy as a little 6 year old. So about a week later I decided that if I were going to have any chance with this guy I have to make a move. I was in love with him and I was almost sure he was in love with me. I wrote my email address on a piece of paper and I decided that I was going to give him it. "If I were meant to be with this guy he will not reject the piece of paper" I thought to myself. The whole ride I was as nervous as hell. I couldn't think properly and I couldn't even look at him a lot. So then once he was about to get off I quickly gave him the note and said as quickly as I could "here Jeremiah..." as I handed him the note. He smiled and said thank you and walked off. I was almost in tears because I was so happy.


 We started emailing for about a month or so but then I was obsessed with him, everything was about Jeremiah, ( also found out he was 19 and I was 12 at the time) finally my parents pulled the plug. They told Jeremiah to stop emailing me, I cried for the whole entire day and I hated my parents so much. It was a week and things were very awkward between me and Jeremiah, we would not smile to each other or hardly even look at each other. Finally I got a new email address and gave it to him again. We emailed for a few months but then he all of a sudden stopped emailing me. I tried everything I could but nothing worked, I thought he was angry at me or something so I was depressed for awhile. It was almost a year later and I finally got over him...mostly that is...but then I met him at McDonald's....and he came up to me and started talking...he told me he forgot his password to his email account and he couldn't remember my email so he couldn't put it in his new account. SO I gave him my email address and we are now talking, we have known each other for two years now which is hard to believe but I think I am still in love with him. I am not sure but whatever will happens will happen but I am just glad I can speak to him again.


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