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      In love with my ex


My girlfriend and i have been dating for about a year and she has bigissues with my ex. My ex is stunning and gorgous and smart and a reallyreally sweet girl. My girlfriend is nice but she's young and veryjealous. She can't handle that there are still feelings between by exand I and won't accept that we can still be friends. She goes crazywhen she finds out that we've been talking. She reads my text messagesand checks my emails and has told me that i'm not allowed to haveanything to do with my ex.

For the first few months we were together i did as she said to try andkeep the peace and my ex and i had no contact and my girlfriend and iwere great. After a while i really missed my ex so so called her onenight when my girlfriend was at work and asked her to come over becausei still had a t shirt of hers. She came over and we had a few drinksand ended up kissing and stuff. It didn't go any further but I realisedhow much I still loved her.

We started hanging out a bit and chatting online and stuff and mygirlfriend just freaked out. She didn't even know about the kissingpart, she just knew we were talking agian and that was enough to makeher angry.She went crazy one night and told me I wasn't ever allowed totalk to her again. We had a big fight about it and broke up for about amonth. I went back to my ex's place and stayed with her. It was likenothing had changed between us, there was still chemistry there butafter a few weeks my girlfriend called me and apologised and we agreedto give it another shot.

I moved back in with her and about a month later she finds out she'spregnant. All my mates think she did it just to prove a point to my exbut I don't know if she's like that. I'm excited about being a dad butscared cos I know i'm still in love with my ex and don't know how longmy relationship with this girl will last.

I don't know what to do. This baby wasn't planned but I'm trying to beresponsible and do the righ tthing and support my girlfriend. She mademe promise I wouldn't have anything more to do with my ex now thatwe're about to become a family but i really can't handle it. i stilllove her so much and want to have her in my life but it's hard becauseeverytime we're together we just wind up kissing and stuff and i knowthat's not fair on my girlfriend. i want to be a good dad i just can'tget my ex out of my head and i know she still has feelings for me too.from the moment i met her i always thougt i'd marry her i know thosefeelings will never go away but i also know that's wrong when i'm i'mgoing to be the dad to another woman's baby.

what do i do? break up with my pregnant girlfriend before it goes anyfurther or cut my ex out of my life forever? or something else? i needsome answers please


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