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      He's always there


There comes to a point when i cannot handle the relationship anymore. i just had to give up and try to move on. But then, he has the nerve to say no to me. He doesnt want to give up on me. most of the time, i screw up because of my insecurities, and yet he is still accepting my flaws. Why me? Why him? What have I done? Sometimes, i don't deserve this relationship. and all he said , "Don't run away from this, we will get through these." he doesnt want to throw of our love that easily. he really really loves me..this man really loves me... and that made me realize that I love him more and more. No other guy would give up on me..even though i drive him crazy.. he is still there for me... when we argue in the end he says "i love you." goshhh..... i miss him now. I love him... he really knows how to handle me.


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