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      Not meant for each other


     it was February 2007 when i met him on Internet.. just like what i used to do when i met a new friend on Internet,, i talked to him and find out that he is 2 yrs younger than me.. this info bangs on my mind that this couldn't be serious,, its just a casual talk and nothing serious will comes up..

     everytime i got online, he is also online,, and this start for more getting to know each other theme up.. after a month of chatting, he's now starting to say sweet words.. like take care, i will miss you, I'm going to wait for you tomorrow and it never ends without telling me that he loves me.. 

    and then 2, 3, 4 months of chatting, i don't know but i feel something from my heart.. I'm falling on him.. no not falling,, i actually loved him,, really loved him, and then exactly on our 4 months of chatting, sending sms on phone sometimes and calling on mobile.. i accept his love.. it was the greatest day that i feel. even it happens only in chatroom, then followed by a call on my phone..

     this makes me more happy when i feel all his love for me for the next 2 months.. we do planned for being with each other, and as a follow up on that plan, he do tried to send me money for my passport, and visa application, and because of that,, i feel that he is really true,, im going to be with him as soon as my visa approved....

    then october came,, i got the chance to make my myspace account.. and it happens that he is also a member.. he added me as quick as im done on my profile.. and on this site we continue to show our love by leaving comments on our both pages.. but 1 day, he got deleted on my list, so i search for his name,, and then i saw 2 profile named by him.. i checked the 1 which i haven't seen before.....

     my bad i hope i didnt see it.. he got a lot of comments from 1 girl same age of him and then when i check the girls page, i saw a lot of love comments coming from my boyfriend. it brokes my heart... why did he lied to me... i asked him if he loves the girl, he answered me the last word i would prefer to hear.. "YES both of you" i ended my relationship with him, my visa is now on process, and even where not together, im going to check and see him as soon as im allowed to go. i didnt let him go because im mad at him. i let him go because i know that if we're meant 4 each other love will lead us back together...


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