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      Can't rush love


She was fragile. She was kind. She was patient. Most of all, she was naive.

She thought he will love her back. She waited for him, for five months. In return, she found out she was one of his girlfriends.

"I don't want to hurt you. i care for you. Just forget about me, I'm a terrible person." He said in the instant messenger.

that was her first love. She never cared anyone but him.

She started dating other guys. But when they started to fall for her, she immdiately break the relatiosnhip. she realized that she still loved him.

she knew it was not fair for her and for all the guys she went out with. All she wanted was love... a love from him. She knew it's already impossible. so she stopped dating for good. She built a barrier to protect her heart. she made a vow to herself not to fall in love until she confronted him. She wanted to let him know of how much he hurt her. She just wanted a closure from him. she wanted to see him again. even though she loved him deeply, she had to let him go. Meeting him wa the only way.

While waiting for a chance to see him, she met this guy Joe throgh a friend . she was the one who came up to him and introduced herself. She wondered if she do the same way how guys approach her to him.

She gave her number to him. She asked him to eat lunch with her. She insisted to go together to their friends' party. Little by little, she started to have feelings for Joe. her mind was still on that guy though.

When Joe dropped her off to her house from the party, she kissed him on his cheek as a thank you. She had a great time with him.

It took her one week to say YES to Joe. She was the one who asked what's going on between them. Joe gave her speech iof his feelings for her. No guy ever done that to her. she was stunned of how honest he is to her.

It took two months for her to realize she already love Joe. She gave him a hint of how she was feeling but that made him nervous. Joe told her that it was too fast for her to fall for him. He was scared for her to fall in love with him. He told her he may not feel the same way because he also that barrier of not falling in love with anyone. she told him to just cool off. She told him maybe they should give themsleves sometime to think. he agreed. She told him that take his time to think for two weeks.

while waiting, she was already thinking of breaking up with him. thoughts of the guy she throught she loved then came back in her head. she should;ve made her barrier stronger.

a week later, joe called her. she didnt answer, but he left her a voicemail. he asked her to meet up with him.that next day, he picked her up from her work.

joe: i'm sorry babe

girl: it's ok

joe: do you still want to be with me?

girl: i do, but now i am starting to have doubts

joe: i'm really sorry. i just have this barrier and i want to be with's just when you say things about love.. i am not sure if i ever feel the same way

girl: i will wait. i can wait.

joe: what if i still don't

girl: then i will let you go.

joe: i want our relationship work

girl: me too

joe: are you sure? i thought you have doubts?

girl: i do.. but i know my doubts can fade

joe: so we're together?

girl: i hope so

for four months, they went through a lot of struggles from their own lives. even though life was tough for them, they were still together. they help each other out on their problems. they both understand each other on what they are going through.

when Joe and the girl left his uncle's party around before midnight, he walked her to his car. He stopped her way to get in the car. he grabbed her hand and stared at her. She was nervous.

girl: are you ok?

joe: i have someting to tell you

girl: then tell me

joe: you are so good to me

girl: well i should be

joe: no really... no girl ever done things for me the way you do

girl: really?

joe: you're always there for me. when things go down between my paretns and I, you are there when i need a shoulder to cry on. when i make mistakes, you tell me. when i feel weak, you help me gain my strength back. i don;t know what to do if i never met you... you mean so much to me Meliza... and now i'm starting to fall in love with you... I love you, Meliza...

the girl was surprised. she never thought he would really say that to her... she felt her tears rolling down her face.

girl: i love you too.

He loves her. She loves him.

the girl already let go of her first love. she realized that Joe is her first real love. joe told her that he never felt the same way to other girl the way he feels for her.

It's already been a year and five months and they still love each other.

and that girl is me...

i learned that love is patient... love is kind.. it is fragile... and sometimes, naive...





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