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      How could I?


we broke up in a very hurtful way and it took me so long to get over the pain..

when i actually healed, i never thought of him ever again but there were times he would just cross my mind..

tHat didnt matter to me cause ive focused on my life and i didnt linger on the memories we had.

although he hurted me like no one else did i found it in my heart to forgive him..

after a year i got out of school when i saw him again and that he enrolled in the previous school ive been in, so its okay ..

but now i really see him very often and we always just see each other then thats it..

but somehow inside of me..i feel different..

cause my feelings that i burried honestly is coming back on its track.

my feelings that i thought faded did was just kept for a long time..

i dont know what do do cause i'd be enrolled in the same school he is next year but i wanna stop whatever im feeling..if i just could..

then heres a guy who i really like and that we have a lot in common. Hes just there but he's not courting me..but its leading to it and im afraid cause i might get hurt or i might hurt someone else..

He doesnt love me anymore..He just cares..but i still do

the other ones falling for me but i just am not..

help me


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