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      Loved and left


So I had the biggest crush in the world, you know the kind basketball all-star, cross country runner, fastest sprinter on the track team, he was everything and more. He was popular and gorgeous you all know the type, and of course i fell for him. We started dating in January i was the faithful awe stricken girlfriend. I was with him through thick and thin. When he was sent away to Basic training i wrote endless letters . I never missed a single call and sat home moping all summer. He called his ex-girlfriend, and i forgave him.Then he came home and things just went down hill. Two months after he got home we broke-up. He kissed another girl when we weren't together. I took him back and a week and a half later he broke- up with me again. I was devistated. I couldnt eat, sleep, or concentrate at school. I cried all the time and in the mean time he went on living his life. I'm still broken hearted and missing him, but all i can do is let him go. I cant do it again there has been to much pain. So my first lover will also have to be my first heart ache.


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