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      Still no over you


Its funny how the years have flown by but, inevitably I'm still not over you. We met in high school both involved in school organizations and over time (two and half years) I fell in love for the first time. From my sophomore to senior year you were my life. I guess that's where the problem in itself lied. You cheated on me countless of times, the never ending lies and the deceitful heartbreak but I always forgave you. Here I am a sophomore in college and just thinking back to the way things use to be instantly puts a smile on my face. You saw right through me when I tried my HARDEST not to allow you to get the best of me. Freshmen year in college (your sophomore year) when you apologized for all the pain you caused me, somewhere inside I wanted to make things just like they were before. I know this kind of sounds like a heartache story but it really isn't. I don't regret anything and believe it or not, I still love him with every once of my heart....................weird.....( laugh out loud). The thing that killed me, was when he told me he had a child on the way. My heart was crushed it felt as if my heart was snatched from flesh, trampled on, spit, kicked, shot as if this wasn't the first time he had done it but, I knew he would make a great father. I guess reading all these stories just made me reminisce but I mean it always better to have loved than not to have loved at all. We don't speak anymore but I love him to death and if he ever needed anything I would be there ( at my convenience of course =)) Well thanks for reading.


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