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      A loving mistake, a sweet ending


We dated for a year and then went our seperate ways.

After 2 years we got back together and then dated for 5 years. We decided to tie the knot and the first few months were like heaven. Then 1 cursed day, i got the UNEXPECTED. A hard blow in the face which later turned into kicks and boots even causing me to have a miscarriage.

How can i leave the man that i promised to spend my life with??? What am i to do? I just lie there every night and take his beatings on the bed using make up to cover up for the next day at work. He usually does it and then says his sorry and then ends up hurting himself for hurting me but when he starts hurting himself, i try my best to stop him. Id rather take all the beating than see him beat himself about it. Is this what you call love??? I believe so. You don't up and leave when the going gets tough! I've stuck by him through thick and thin and now you would never say we are the same couple.

He goes for anger management classes and i'm right there by his side. We go for counselling and things have turned great. he hasn't laid a hand on me for the last four years. We are now expecting our second baby. Yep, I'm seven months pregnant " we don't dwell in the past. Just look foward to the future. To all those young hearts out there, Life isn't about the mistakes you make} It's how you learn from them. So please, be there for your partner when they need you. You never know, some day you might need them. So if you stick around for them, they will stick around for you!!! life is too short for what ifs.

May GOD bless you all who have read this message and may your heart grow full with love!!!


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