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      Andy`s life


My brother Andy was 22 when he died, he died before my birthday. I was 11 when he passed away now I'm 12 and I pray for him every night before I go to sleep.

He was going up to Toronto to get a double lung transplant, every thing was going fine till it started to get worse, he passed away on June 2 2001. Later on that day while I was at my dads shop he got a call, when my dad hung up the phone he was in tears. He had to tell us, we cried and cried.

Shayna was going to get married to Andy but he died before they even got married I was sooooooo upset. I would do anything just to hug him again and see him smile *crying* I'm upset right now but now you know of his life I want to tell you had he had cystic fibrosis, he fought a battle all of his life. This is his sister Courtnay....I will always LOVE you Andy thank you.


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