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      I need help from all readers plz giv me a idea


i am a very yong girl... i have a boy friend and i love him a lot.. he also say he luv me n mak me fyl he luv me SOMETIMES.. but he have a bad temper.. without any reason he gets angry soon n say things dat hurt me a lot.. i always 4 giv him for all these things but i cud never 4get what ever he said to me... but i never show that.. its now one year to our relation and still he behave like that.. the thing it make me hurt most is he will tlk with me wen ever he miss me wen i miss him he never have time 4 me.. wen i am sick he dnt show me that care.. i dnt knw wats in his mind.. i luv him a lot but...

i had a very close friend.. a boy he care a lot about me n i am sure he luv me but he cant tell dat coz he knw i luv some1 elase but now i also hav something 4 him... if i tlk to my boy friend he always hurt me but if i tlk to my frined he always mak me smile... i dnt knw wat to do now.. who shuld i select 4 my life my Boy friend o my friend? can i b happy with my boy friend? o my happiness is with my friend? plz ans me... plz readers... giv me a idea... den i can build up my lyf plz


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