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      Although it hurts you finally relise how the guys like


after breaking up with my ex i always said i would never fall for a guy again until a year and a half later.

i was out one night with friends and one of my mates boyfriend brought his brother along with him. we got along quick i felt like i had known him for years. he was funny, friendly kind, fun to be around with. we went to have a meal all night my eyes where on him i just wanted him to be mine fro ever that night a we where in the cab going home he held my hand it was weird the first day i meet him he held my hand to be honest we also kissed. it was unbelievable. i couldn't sleep all that night or anything. the next day we all went out again and me and him was all cuddled up together it was crazy i felt like i was in a different world with him we spent the night together. i was all happy until he told me "no matter what i still love my ex she was the only one nobody will take her place even if years go by"! i was shocked this made me feel like i was used! other wise why would he hold my hand?...why would he cuddle me? i was heartbroken. this means he either didn't know i liked him ( lets call it love) or he did and he was just using me to try to get something out of me.

i still saw him after that time to time but never went close to him but still watched him each second he was near by me i still have feelings for him and i will do he blew my mind of my head. i feel like something missing when i do not see him he makes me laugh, smile, happy and makes me feel comfortable. even though thanks for him ii am heart broken  i still would carry him in my chest for the rest of my life because love is blind:)


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