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      Unrequited Love


never struck me when I first saw him, and I never imagined that I would ever fall for him either. It was through spending a term working with him, organizing school functions and events did i realized that we actually had so much chemistry between us. We became so close to the extent of people calling us 'magnets'. He often brought me around on his bike as i put my arms around his waist. The feeling of his warmth seeped into my body, and that was when i knew i was falling for him. Nevertheless, loving him was a painful task. He was attached then, and it was certainly wrong for a person to fall for someone already taken. It was heartbreaking to see him and his girlfriend together all the time, and to make things worse, I could not even confide in my friends about the way I felt for it was my own fault for even liking him in the first place. On the other hand, he still brought me much joy. He sent me a bouquet of roses on Valentine's day. Since i was unattached, he promised to be my date on the 15th, since the actual day was meant for his girlfriend. It made me feel loved and just made me adore him more and more. During school events, he never failed to stay beside me throughout, of course, that was in the absence of his girlfriend. Somehow, I had the feeling that he liked me too, but was just held back because of his relationship. There was one time we accidentally held hands but I brushed it away. We were like two caged birds, unable to be together. There was a point in time when we stood face to face, about to say something, but our friends came over and dragged us away. Deep down inside, I had the nagging feeling that he wanted to reveal something to me.  He was a complicated person. The more I got to know him, the more confused I became. Was he flirting with me? Or was he treating me as a sister? He broke up with his girlfriend after a few months, and rumor had it that it was because of me. And that’s when things got worse. We became even closer, and went out once in a while. We even bought matching necklaces that symbolized our relationship. But what made me puzzled was that he kept introducing me as his sister to his friends. Somehow, i had the feeling he was merely using me to get over his previous relationship. He would say things like how couples would say to one another, but yet still remain close contact with his ex-girlfriend. It frustrated me many times to still see them together even though he claimed they had broken up. To him, she was now just a "good" friend. I was soon the "hot" topic of the school known as the "boyfriend-snatcher". Clearly, this was all made up. I knew we were nothing more than just friends. People started to view me differently, even my best friend. It was certainly hurtful and depressing, and i knew that i had to clear things up. One night, I told him I loved him. And that was when things came to an end. He was confused, I was confused. We didn't know what we felt about one another anymore. Was it worth it to ruin a beautiful friendship just because of love? Or were we each to blame for giving each other the wrong signal? 

It hurt many times and it took very long for me to forget him. But even though there are sadness and bitterness about the whole incident, I will certainly remember the happy memories I had with him, and am thankful that our paths did cross, even if it were only for a while. However, it was more painful to get over my two-faced friends than getting over him. But i know this incident has certainly taught me to grow stronger, and made me understand what true friendship is.


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