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      Love ??


Hi I'm Rani, I'm 17. In the summer of 2000 I met a man called Abid, he used to work on the outside market stalls, the first time I saw him I knew there was something about him that I loved, anyway he gave me his mobile number and I phoned him and really got to know him properly- well I least I thought so.

I used to wag college so that I could spend the day with him, and I really thought that I was in love with him, a year went past and I was enjoying life to the fullest- I even lost my virginity to him- so you can see how much he meant to me, but then I had to go to Pakistan in the summer of 2001 for 6 weeks, I promised to meet him as soon as I came back, he even came to the airport, obviously no one knew about him because I'm a Muslim and Muslims girls are not allowed to have any boyfriends, when I went to Pakistan I met my cousin Imran, and I fell in love with him as well, my holidays went like a blur because I had so much fun, and I think I'll be getting married to Imran- in accordance with my parents wishes.

Whilst I was in Pakistan I forgot all about Abid, I did think of him, but not that much, so anyway I got engaged to Imran while I was on holiday and then came back to England on September 4 2001, because I had to finish college, when I got back I didn't ring Abid and he didn't ring me so I thought it was over, I was really heart broken because I had loved him, one day I got an e-mail from Abid saying that he wanted to meet me, I wrote back and said ok, then we met up and carried on like before but he knew about Imran, because I'm not a lying person, when I told him about Imran, he didn't mind, and that's when I found out the horrible fact that Abid was already married and he had a kid and they were in Pakistan, I was really heartbroken now, Abid said he didn't want to tell me before because he really loved me and he knew that I loved him too so he didn't want to hurt me, anyway, now I'm over the fact that he is married and so I decided that we should just be friends and forget about what happened between us because he was married with someone else and I was engaged to someone else, but I loved him so much that I couldn't just be friends with him, every time I talk to him now I can feel the warmth of our love and I think to my self- why couldn't we have met each other before?? I'm still going out with him and I still love him loads but I know that one day I will have to let go of him because he is not really mine is he? I still phone and write to Imran but I don't know which one I love, I know that if I go with Imran then all my family would be happy, but if I leave everything and go with Abidů well I can't because he's already married, but I really love both of themů can this really happen? they both love me too, what shall I do???


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