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I used to be in a relationship for 4 years. we lived together, we shared our lives together, engaged and we were happy (well i thought we were). On our 2 years of being together he started hurting me, hitting me and not only physically but emotionally. I never got along with my family , so to me he was my life. I gave him all my love, and my attention. Although we had fights we also had good times and happy memories, watch movies together, talk, hug and kissed and even tickle each other until we both gave up. One night we had a fight and decided to part ways. At first i couldn't understand what and why it happened, i didn't want to accept it and i didn't want to understand it.. i wanted him back, not cos i loved him cos it felt like something was missing. But he didn't want to get together anymore , he wanted to focus on studying again and then when were ready we'll get back together. He gave me that hope.. at first i was happy with what he said, but then i thought about the time he hurts me. A month almost past and he told me he was going to go Overseas with his family for a holiday. I knew his ex gf (before me) was going to be there. But i didnt mind , i was starting to slowly get over him, and loose the hope.. One day i was looking at his friendster and found out he went overseas to marry his ex gf, and he did marry her after just less than 2 months of leaving our 4 yr relationship.. i was hurt and i didnt understand why he would do that. He broke up with his ex gf because she turned lesbian and now shes straight? it confused me ..

I became depressed. Months has passed.. and it is true when they say "Time heals".. ive now met someone who i have been with for 4 months and living in together and he treats me good and doesnt hurt me, he treats me like a princess and im fallin inlove =]


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