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      No feelings at all


we've been together for almost two years now...

we used to be friends before but he courted me..

he was my crush for a long time...

so many months have passed we became closer and closer..

until we came to the point that we act like were just friends..

but we didn't broke up!

we're still in the relationship...

we even say I LOVE YOU everyday..

but i dunno...lately..

i think the spark is starting to vanish..

i don't want to be selfish or what but every time i see him..

he became so nothing to me..

it doesn't mean that i don't love him anymore

because i know deep inside there is still a little love left...

but mercy was at the top of it..

and i respect him that much that i don't want to hurt him or what..

no i don't want because i know he will never be my friend again

if where going to broke up..

i knew it even from the start..

he told me already about that fact..

and it's the hardest thing that i could ever imagine..

he was more than my boy..he was like my best friend and everything..

with him everything comes so natural..

everything comes so real...though half fantasy..

i know his drop dead romantic but it just that i can't see the

spark of the relationship anymore..

it's hard for me because as i see him everyday i'm playing plastic..

about how i feel..

i feel guilty sometimes..i know this is cruel but i just don't want to loose him..

i don't want because i know i just need space...

i know this is goofy because i post it here but just wanna share...

i'm screwed up already..hehe..i dunno..just hanging out with this site..

maybe somebody will read this and help me out ...=)











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