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      My heartache


i have this bestfriend of mine whom i treated like my sister..though were both different and we live in different worlds..shes rich and im not, shes famous and im not..their house is the biggest in our place but i was never jealous about it..

when we were in elementary she always wanted to compete with me. she always wants to be the best than me..she wants everything i got when in fact she has everything..when we graduated in highschool, my parents wanted to send me in the best school for college but we could not afford it so i took a scholarship exam and luckily i got it..and then when my bestfriend knew about it she enrolled in the same school i was in and she told me she wanted us to stick together but it wasnt what happened cause when she found this group of filthy rich kids, she joined them and told me i will always be her bestfriend its just that she was ashamed going with i tried to understand it..

one day while i was on the hallway a guy approached me and asked where was the office of the head, i led him there and that made a start of a good friendship.. hE was a rich kid from California, he's a soccer player and really is a gorgeous hunk..He became popular in school and lots wanted to know him personally. inside of me i felt like somewhat overwhelmed cause i was the first he talked to..when he passes me by he always smile at me even though hes friends tease him, he always protects me..

there was a big party at my best friends place and all was invited...i could not say no to her so i agreed..

i was waking home thinking what i would wear cause i really am not fashionable..while i was walking i decided to stand by at the park when this hunk in school parked his car and went down to see me..every time he goes near me im kinda lost and i dont know what to do which i know isnt normal..he sat by me..

guy "what brings you here?.."

me "nothing, im just tired and i wanna"

guy "kinda bored and i wanted someone to talk to if you dont mind"

me "of course not, okay what are we gonna talk about and where are your

so called friends, are they busy enough to talk to you.."

guy "sort of, their preparing for this party the way, are you going"

me "i have to, my bestfriend begged me to go even if i dont want to.."

guy "why?youre not a party girl i can see but it should be fun.."

me "yeah..nut i have nothing to wear..that sucks cause ive never been in a

party before plus i aint like the people there.."

guy "thats a lame excuse, who cares what you wear, besides your bestfriend

is the one who threw the party..wait..come with me, i think i have

something for you to wear.."

so we went to their house and it was damn big.he introduced me with her sister who was thank God sweet and kind..She was the one who dressed me and made me look so pretty when i looked in the i went down i saw this hunk already prepared and kinda stared at me for a minute,.we got in the party together and obviously everyone was asking who i bestfriend noticed me but concentrated more on my escort for that night,,she liked pulled him away and flirted with him as she always does whens he likes a guy..

after that night we grew close and we dated,,he made me felt so loved and he really took care of me. and i on my part, i gave everything..all my love and support..we were happy despite the people talking bout us..

not until one day i saw him kissing my bestfriend in the c.r which made me felt such a loser..i broke up with him and he was telling me excuses but i didnt believe him even if i felt he was sincere..

my bestfriend talked to me

" hey we still friends"..

me " after that you think were still friends..i may be not cool as you but im

not stupid and im not a hypocrite"

bestfriend " okay whatever..your just hurting,

me "enough okay, cut the crap and be honest as my bestfriend and tell me

why and how it happened"..

bestfriend " you want me to tell you knew from the very start i liked

him but you ignored it. yeah he also ignored me but you know me

i always get what i i seduced him and he gave in..hes just a man and you couldnt give him such pleasure..

who would want to be with a nerd fucking girl like you???..who

would want to be friends with a girl who just lives in a old house

and knows nothing but books..NO ONE ELSE AND THE ONLY


those words tore me apart..thankfully my dad found a better job in Las vegas so we moved out and i regret the fact that i didnt listen to my boyfriends explanation..what if it wasnt true,, what ifs questioned my mind..

after 9 years i went back but not as poor as the boss of my own company now and my parents has their own business too..we got our old house renovated and im no longer a nerd..when we moved i thought of socializing with other people which made me gain confidence and im back to where it all started..i heard theres a restaurant near by our school..the restaurant was huge and i heard it was expanded..i got into it to see and i ordered a black coffee..i saw this man wearing a neck and a tie talking the phone..i stared at him and as he faced me..we were both stunned..yes it was this hunk way back from college..

it all started there, we became friends but no more than that cause he was already married with my bestfriend who repeatedly said sorry for what happened before..guess she changed..

as i walked out a tear fell down my face and why??..its because i went back there to see him again and that up to this moment he's the one my heart calls..up to now i still love him, but im no longer in the position to say what i feel for him..

i took my last day in the park where it started. i was crying in pain that i will leave with my heart broken again..then someone from behind touched my was him..and i told him everything i wanted to..he listened well and shed a tear when he said..

him -- "i know i was wrong and im sorry for that..the time you left i couldnt take it so i went to this bar and got my self drunk. your bestfriend was there and next thing i knew is that i woke up in her bed and then she chased me telling me she was pregnant..iddnt want to get attached to her but the baby has nothing to do with when her parents told us to get married when we get to legal age i said no and so your bestfriend suggested that if you come back after 3 years then she'll let me go but if not then we'll marry each other..i agreed hoping you'd be back but you didn't..God knows how much i still love you but i have to keep my sorry"

after that last hug i cried a river..

i left again like i did before but now i dont know if theres someone i'd still be back for...


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