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I was only 10 yrs.old when i met him his name was ''mark''he is 13 yrs.old he went to our classroom with his best friend because they belong to the c.a.t. class[citizenship advancement training]so their goal is to guard us every morning and don't let us to went outside the classroom first he ask one of my classmate who is the class president then they pointed me he told me to make a list of my noisy classmates then i do it but at that point my classmates got angry at me because i wrote them into my list but i just ignored them when mark get out of our classroom my classmates started to teased me so i just started too cry soon.

On the afternoon,my classmate George was teasing someone at the canteen so i defend the one his teasing and he got angry to me and warned me that he will beat me soon when the time came he beat me so i asked for help when i saw mark i asked him to help me but he said''Bahala ka Jan''i felt so embarrassing after that day every-time he talk to me i just ignored him 3 days ago i brought my cellphone to school then i get his number everyday were texting then he told me that he had crush on me but i don't care months pass were txting each other after the recognition day he was graduate now he told me that he will miss me because i am a big part of his life he said but i can't believe that that was the last day that i saw him.and he didn't even text me afterall.

9 yrs.ago i forget all about him,but one day someone text me that i don't know who?then he told me that he is mark then he told me that he has heart cancer so i felt scared for him after he died he told me how much he loved me but when its my turn to talk he is already dead he died that he never knows how much i love him.


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