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      Last Words


  They were in love. Two 17 year old kids, both starting out as best friends. Born and raised in the small town in Montana, and they had grown up together. They had been together since they were 15, and they had never regretted a day together in the whole 2 years.

  One day, they got into the first fight of their life. Rebbecca had cried for hours, and every time she tried calling... Jake refused to pick up the phone. Her last effort was to call her best friend Courtney, and she decided to take her heart broken best friend out to dinner. The whole ride to the restaurant, all Rebbecca could think about was the last thing he had said to her; " I don't know how I was able to put up with you the past 2 years!" The more she thought about it, the more she cried.

  At the restaurant, they both ate, and had a pretty good time. Courtney was glad that Rebbecca felt much better, so they both turned off their phones to enjoy the evening.



  Meanwhile, Jake was out with his friends. They were trying to make him feel better too. He knew what he told her was wrong, so they stopped by her house. She wasn't there, and she wasn't picking up her cell. They decided to just go to the nearest 7-11 and get some beer then head home. Jake never had beer in his life, but he was never more upset in his life either. They cruised around for a little bit, all high-and-mighty, energized by the 6-pack they gulped down.



  Rebbecca and Courtney were heading home. Even though Rebbecca was still depressed, she felt much better, and had a feeling things would be better the next day.



  Jake and his friends wanted to try her house one more time. They drove down the street, stil dizzy from the beer. Soon, they neared her house.



  Courtney was driving while Rebbecca in the passenger seat. They were laughing and singing to the songs they heard on the car radio. The only thing Courtney remembered was there were another car's headlights, and then a loud crash and the sound of crunching metal. Rebbecca, on the other hand, didn't remember anything, because she was in a coma.



  The other car was Jake's. He was the driver. He had been drunk from the beers and had collided with the car that had Rebbecca in it. The next 3 weeks she was in the hospital with tubes all throughout her body. Just looking at her that way hurt Jake like 10 million knives in his chest. He was rarely out of her hospital room. He had missed school, and barely ate or slept. He just stayed by her side, waiting for her to get better, so he could walk out of the E.R with her, and tell her how sorry he was for everything.

  But instead of her condition improving, it worsend with each passing day. He started telling her everything he felt;greif, guilt, apaologetic, loving, sadness; even though he knew she couldn't hear him. He cried at the foot of her bed every night wishing he could take back the last thing he told her, "I don't know how I was able toput up with you the past 2 years."

  Soon, the doctors told him that there was nothing else they could do. She wasn't going to make it. He kissed her one last time, and then he was escorted out of the room while they pulled the plug on her.



  The funeral was a simple one with all of her friends and family. Jake was the first to arrive. Then Courtney, with with the cast on her left arm, since all she got from the crash was a broken elbow. Then the rest of the guests arrived and the cermony took 4 hours. Everyone paid their respects then departed. Jake and Courtney were the last to leave.



  Jake kept thinking on how he and Rebbecca met in the small town of Montana, and their friendship grew to love. He loved Rebbecca more than anything, and he was the one who killed her. Because of one fight he started with her, it escaleded to her death.

  He grew old, unmarried, and never a day went by with him not thinking of Rebbecca. He wished the last thing he said to her was how everyday he knew he couldn't be happy without her, instead of it being how he was put-up with her...




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