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      If only


It Started 18 years ago, family friend came to visit one summer..I was 19 and he was 20..At the time i had a boyfriend and really nice guy, one night he told that he had feelings for me..I was drinking when he told me and don't remember! We kept in contact for awhile..Being family friend we both knew what each was up to..over the years I always  thought about him hoping that  he was happy..Then we saw each again both happily married with kids.. When we saw each other it was as if nobody or nothing was around us and an intense feeling when we hug was something i have never felt before  only with him when we where younger..As we talked which was easy to be alone, being family friends..We just kept starring at each other and asking alot of question about our life to date.. what be both realised was that being together was so natural! nothing happened at first just being and seeing each other   was enough..knowing that i have to go back home after being on holidays (him and his family moved as he married a european girl back to her country of birth..)The thought of being apart was starting to get to us..Then on night we kissed the kiss was magical it shocked us..We both know that we should to be together.. but we also know that the  kids need a mum and dad together.. still young !!both our partners are not bad people, Its just when i saw him i realised what i had been longing for the other part of me ( he feels the same.) It be 6months and life has never been the same again.. i miss him so much the at times a find myself crying (i would never break up a marriage neither would he...We text  from time and realise that the feelings are still there..I never ever believed that you meet someone and have such sense of belonging .... my story is if only i listened to heart and not everybody else 18 years ago my heart would be open right now..




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