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      Matt is mine, forever and for always


I fell in love with someone. I was 14. We started dating, and had been together a year when I got pregnant. Our parents forced us to marry before I started showing. We were in love, but we were not sure that was what we wanted. Too late as far as our parents were concerned.

Well, we were married, and 8 months later our beautiful baby was born, Dylan Mackey Barton. And he died two weeks later or heart problems. This tore me apart. I was very upset. Matt, my husband, well, we had started to grow apart under pressure. But, he was there and strong for me. I was 16, and felt alone. He was 17.

After three months, Matt decided there was no reason to be married, and filed for divorce. I was crushed. I knew we got married because I was pregnant, but I guess in my heart I didn't know it was only for the baby. So we divorced, but Matt still wanted to date. This made absolutely no sense to me. We stopped talking altogether.

The next year at school was agony. Matt was senior, and we were apart. I hated life that year. At the end of the year he had started to date a girl. He came to my house, and told me that he had decided to go far away to school, and wanted me to know he was serious about this girl. She was going away with him too, and they were getting an apartment together. I had just started dating someone else, just some guy. No one special. Matt graduated and moved away. I eventually graduated, the next year. I went to a local school, and got a job.

I was in a really terrible car accident, and the paramedic on the scene and I kept in touch. This man was my hero. He made me realize Matt had not been my only chance at love. We dated for a year, and then we were married. We were married for a year, and I got pregnant. I had a little girl Arissa Kate.

I ran into Matt one day when Arissa was about two years old. He was already living back home again. He had graduated school, and was back. It was nice to see him and then I hurried back home to my husband. Two months later, I saw Matt's picture in the paper. He was getting married. I smiled.

Years go by. I have another child, a little girl, Amanda Rhiane. Arissa was nine, and Amanda was 2 when their father died. Jackson, my husband died in a rescue. My heart died that day too. Months of loneliness passed, and then there was a knock at my door. A familiar knock. It was Matt. He had heard the news and wanted to console me.

Matt and I became close. He was still married, but he and his wife were no longer close. He said that seven years of marriage would do it, but I had been married to Jackson for years, and never regretted a second. My heart was bruised, and bleeding. Matt helped heal me. One day we were having coffee together, and he kissed me. He was married, and I wasn't ready for this. I went away. I packed my daughters, and decided it was time for a new life.

Matt came over one day, and saw the boxes. He told me he was leaving his wife, and wanted me to love him again. He kissed me again. He had brought his two young children with him. a daughter, 5, and a son, 3. I was appalled. I left town quickly, and never looked back.

I moved to New York, and became an interior decorator. Finally! Arissa, and Amanda and I grew quite successful. They went to private school, while I made contacts with the best for the best in NYC. I had become this independent woman who didn't need men anymore. I had my share of dates, but never went on any second dates. Then my boss and I fell in love. I loved him and as the same with every man I have ever been with, I got pregnant. I had a son, Tyler Jake.

My boss did not want me to have the baby. My boss, love....decided that when I had the baby that that was it between us. I tried to work it out, I tried it all, but, I ended up having to leave my job.

I was sitting on a bench with Tyler and Amanda was playing near by. A man called me, and I looked. It was Matt. Wow! He looked great , I remember thinking. He had his kids following behind him, and told me how he had been divorced a while. We started talking, and walking. I told him about Tyler and Tino...the whole nine yards. I cried, and then he cried. He told me he still loved me. He took my hand, and told me how years ago we were meant to be. We had a special little life born to us, and it died. He regretted leaving me, and had wanted that chance back so bad for so many years. He ran away. How could Tino be so stupid not to see his gift. He had been stupid once too. He asked me for the chance to raise a little boy together, that chance we had never had before.

I accepted. How could I not. I am with the love of my life now. Matt and I have grown so close. you do get second chances, they just sometimes take awhile. Now, together we raise, Arissa, Amanda, Tyler, his daughter Madeline, and son Peyton, and our twins Maggie, and Dunning. They just had their 4th birthday.

Matt is mine, forever, and for always.


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