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      Metamorphosis for love...?(Part 2)


When you love someone so much that you're willing to change yourself, for him/her - you tend to slowly lose your sanity...  I waited and did everything in my power to keep this man, but even the most patient and loyal person loses faith. 


I kept on playing 'queen of denial', even though I knew it was over, even though I knew he didn't feel the same.... this destroyed my joy, my believe in love, my one dream.....


Can someone please tell me: Why do we keep on hoping, creating this illusion that maybe someday you and this person will be together - WHEN YOU KNOW HE/SHE DOESN'T FEEL THE SAME!!!???


Do you really want someone, who doesn't want you??


My mother used to tell me this when I was sulking over my EX:  "Rather end up with a man that loves you so much that he'll die for you, and you only adore him- than ending up with one that you will give your life for, but he only adores you..."


 Sorry to say: I still think that's a crap statement!!  I want to love a man that I know feels exactly the same, DO YOU STILL GET THAT??


All of you who read my 1st story, thanks for the comments, I'm glad there's people who understand and are experiencing the same- I would like to ad, don't destroy your own soul, by changing yourself for the sake of another, no matter how much you love that person.  If that person feels the same as you, he/she will love you as you are.


Don't lose your sanity and joy for someone who was never meant to be yours...... TIME WILL ALWAYS TELL>


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