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      Was He In LOve With ME?


Have you ever met any one in life that you said goodbye to but keep wondering if you walked away from your long and lasting love? Well i am troubled with that thought daily as i had a friend who i loved dearly but was so confused that i just let the whole thing slip away.


My friend Lex use to share a lot of his time with me. We use to just do crazy things together. However we started to get real close and he wanted us to date, and the next thing we were in bed together. I must admit i enjoyed every minute but i always thought he was more interested in pursuing me for my body and that caused me to behave indifferent. This was just me pretending as i head over heels for him.  I tried to show my true feelings but got mixed up when he suggested getting close (so often) as i wanted to make sure he liked me for other reasons. 


Well i didn't feel much appreciation from him when we got close as he just didn't express the joy we shared in bed. Yet he always want us to keep sharing that level of intimacy.  Many times when i avoided him he would hunt all over and find me and of course i was so weak to him that i just gave in. 


Please don't take me story lightly as i really care for this guy but just can't trust him with my heart and body. I just don't want to be used and i feel so close to him when we are together in bed and can't understand his indifference after lovemaking. It is strange that i am indifferent before (not wanting to get hurt) and he is after love making.


Lex still calls me and want us to go back together. What should i do ?  Have i stupidly walked a way from love. Was it love? If not why was he after me.


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