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      Pain Leading To A Meaningful Life


Way back in college, I had this group of friends. One of them became my closest friend. We were so close that we became best of friends. We go out together and we share a lot of things together. Until such point that we end up being in love with each other. From there, we started to talk about our future, planned of having a family of our own and even promised to make our dreams come true together.


Due to our mutual intense feelings for each other we made love. Though we never had the intention to produce one yet because we were still young, unfortunately we missed it! She got pregnant. We were so confused on what to do. At that young age, we were not ready of the responsibility that awaits us. That scenario created much confusion for both of us  that she madly decided to abort our baby. I never thought she'd consider that as an option. We had a very critical argument on this issue. I do love her but killing my baby is out of the topic. I can never imagine depriving the life of my own blood. So I made her feel I exist! I made a decision. I told her that we'll both raise our baby. Though she's too reluctant to agree, I still managed to won this race. So after 9 months, I made my precious girl see the world her mother wants to take away from her. With this, we stopped school and tried to live together. However, all of a sudden it just came into her mind that she doesn't wanna live with me anymore. She doesn't want to see us and  she wants to get rid of us! So she left me with our baby. I was so depressed, so unfortunate to have been left by the girl who once had captured and owned my heart!


Now, my little girl is already on the 3rd grade. Until now, it's just me and my precious one. At this time, I'm still closing my heart of finding another love. After all, my little sweetie has filled out the spaces her mother has left my heart for years. The thought of seeking a mother to my child is never the best option because for me though I was left with so much pain, the love I had for her has given me the choice to live a meaningful life!


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