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      Unexpected......PART 2!!!


It's been a while since I posted the first of my story so I decided to share the rest. enjoy!


So, Chris wrote me on my-space and I wasn't sure how to deal with it. My heart was already wrapped up in his memory. I decided, with the advice of a good male friend, to put it to him point blank: are you talking to me only because you have no one else to talk to"? I explained that what had happened in Arizona took me a long time to get over and the memories were painful etc.

He didn't write back for a couple days or so and I was a bit worried. When he DID finally write, I was once again swept away. He explained that he wasn't upset at me for telling my brother about us talking again, and he said that the reason he hadn't written earlier was because my question really made him think about what he wants. then he said "before I say anything else I think i should call your dad, just to let him know what's going on". he didn't want to hide anything from anyone. Until then, I hadn't told either of my parents about my contact with Chris because I was afraid they would not be in favor of it, for various reasons, but mostly because of my starting college etc, and not being able to be as focused on it. At this point, I realized just how serious Chris really was about us talking etc. and I knew I needed to tell my dad.  My dad was okay with us talking telling me to just be friends but to let Chris pursue me rather than vice-versa.

 My mom was happy for me and  couldn't conceal her enjoyment. I couldn't either, telling her, because she had been the one to whom I had gone during my depression over my recent situation with Chris.

     It was maybe a couple days later when I found out from Chris that he'd talked to Dad.

After that, we wrote each other, and he downloaded myspace im, and then i got yahoo im so we could chat.

i finally got a cell phone, and though i tell everyone he wasn't the only reason i got it, he's 99.9 %! haha. I'll never forget the night i first talked to him. it was so much fun, and i was surprised that it was so easy for me to talk to him. keep in mind, this was the first time in nearly 5 years i had talked to him! it went very well though.

he called the next morning saying he didn't want to wait until the end of the day to talk to me. it was so sweet.

not many nights after, in fact it was probably only that weekend, i was outside texting him and i began to reveal my feelings.for him. i stopped then, and i knew, i knew in my heart, and without a doubt,

at that moment, that what i'd be denying was true. I did love him, and was going

to tell him. I finally did and he laughed. I thought "oh great" and he said he

had contacted about iming and e/mailing but that i knew it was more than that.

i told him i didn't and he was keeping me in misery because i didnt know how

he felt etc. it was almost comical, the way i was going on about it all.

i told him i didn't know wether to tell people if i was taken or what, and he said

you can tell them for sure.

and then, right when he was going to tell me something, i lost the call. i finally

reached him again and he said. "i'm pretty sure i love you too".

I said "do you know how long I've waited to hear that".....i asked him,

i said "how do you feel about me" and he said he didn't know how to explain it'

I told him to try and he said "oh, wow, umm" I said "chris just say it!"

"If it came to where....if i could spend the rest of my life with you, i wouldn't

ask for anything else. i'd be the happiest guy on earth"....i was crying

for happiness now.....he told me, because i asked him"if i went anywhere in this world,

would you still wait for me?' and he said "absolutely"

after that night, i was happier than a fish in water. i don't need to tell you all

details. Since that day, our relationship has grown stronger, and we are putting

it in God's hands although, I think I need to work on that part!

The exciting part is, he's coming to see me next monday. I'm so excited.

Well, that's my story. I've learned some wonderful and hard lessons through all of this.

I will say, that it's not always easy to have chris far away, but it makes our

relationship stronger, and i think that's a blessing.

I sincerely feel that all of the things that may look like obstacles, are actually

God's little devices, all of which He's put there to streanghten and build up our


Yes, there are difficulties, and yes, there are days that they wear me down, but, on the whole

Chris is, put simply, everything I ever wanted in a guy, and more than I could ever

ask for. he is honost, sensitive, caring, thoughtful, funny, quirky, and everything


I am so overwhelmed by the fact that God let us in on this love. I am without a doubt the

luckiest girl in the world and I couldn't ask for anything else.


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