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      Hit and run


I am 45 years old and was in a relationship with George for 7 years, engaged to him for 4 of those years. We had both agreed not to marry until my last child graduated from high school. He was my best friend, my soul mate. There wasn't anything we couldn't talk about. We had been looking at homes, discussing our marriage, making plans.

The Monday night before my birthday (a month and a half ago) he called me, we talked like usual, he asked what I wanted to do on my birthday. He said he would like to take me out to dinner and take me shopping. We said goodnight like always. The next day I came home from work, found him waiting for me. I was glad to see him. He just starred at me, said that "he doesn't love me enough and is ending the relationship." He handed me my house key. I was in total shock!!! I took off my engagement ring, handed it to him and he said, "You can just ditch it!" I told him, "no, that he gave it to me, he can do with it whatever he wants." He walked past me and said "sorry" under his breath. When I went into my house, in my room everything was neatly packed up from his house, down to the shampoo and pads I used.

That was the last I have heard from him or seen him. I never saw it coming. We had been intimate, he was talking about our time together coming up, all of it. After a month and a half, I found out there is already someone in his life. I wouldn't go back to him, but I really had hoped he had some feelings of some sort. Either remorse, guilt, sadness...finding out he had nothing, after 7 years. I still cry, not for him, I think because I am lonely. I have never been so rejected for hurt in my life. I don't know if there is still time for me to find a decent man. I don't know what to even start. He totally messed up my life.


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