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      The sweetest love story..Almost! by: kyle salindong


Guys are like chewing gums… If you don’t want to have them anymore, just spit them out of your life." - naomi

          Summer had passed and the school year is about to start. Bookstores and other school supply stores are starting to be back on business. Before the school year starts, students come by the school to get their books and know their schedules. Samantha, a sophomore student decided to get her book early. She's a girl. Nothing special, she plays the bass and lives a normal life.

She was patiently waiting for her turn. As she looked on her left, she saw someone sitting and that someone is staring at her.

          “Wow, he’s cute, I can tell.” She said to herself. And she took her eyes of the guy and thought of eating after she gets her books. As she was coming near to the end of the line, she saw the same guy. Standing, carefully staring. Since it was the second time around for Sam, she knew that that guy is new.

          First day of class. Sam arrived at the school excitedly and had a big smile on her face. The moment she got in her classroom, she saw her classmates making a big fuss on something.

          “What’s new?” She asked.

          “A new student arrived know, all of the girls are starting to ask him and all that.” Sam got curious and wanted to know who the guy is. Suddenly, the professor entered the classroom and everyone stood and greeted the professor. The professor started to do his speech and welcomed all students, old and new for the school year.

          “This is so boring.” Said Sam to her seatmate.

          “Yeah, I know, the professor is starting to do his own SONA here in our classroom.” Said her seatmate back to her and laughs. After hours of speech, the professor said aloud,

          “All new students please rise and be recognized by your classmates.” Sam got excited because she likes guys and he really wanted to find out if the new guy is really hot or not. Then, one guy stood up. As the guy faced the direction where Sam is oppositely looking, she saw the face of the guy and recognized,

          “That guy is the one who stared at me at the library.”

          “My name is Nathaniel Dela Fuente. Nice to meet you all.” Sam stared and the guy noticed. He asked her directly and said,

          “Hello, what’s with the deep stare, miss?” and then smiled. Sam realized that she almost drooled and saw that everyone’s looking at her. She was in a moment of panic. She doesn’t know what to do. She can’t breathe and started to turn red. A weak voice came out of nowhere.

          “You may now take your seat Mr. Dela Fuente. Thank you.” She heard clearly what the professor said and she was starting to be able to breathe again. She thought and laughed, and a word came out of her mouth,


          Weeks have passed and Nathan was starting to have friends. Sam noticed that the guy was a heartthrob jockey. She really didn’t care. Because she knew that someone already likes her and she likes him back so, no worries.

          She noticed that Nathan was the talk of the school. She heard his name all over the campus but still, she really didn’t care. Time passed and some rumors where spreading. Nathan had a girlfriend. Nathan wasn’t really in love with the girl. He only wanted to have a girlfriend for the moment. His girlfriend started to teach him how to smoke and drink. As time passed, Nathan realized that it was going too far and decided to stop that nonsense of his.

          “I don’t want to see you anymore. You make me sick and you don’t have any future with me. Please, avoid talking with me because I might puke the next I see your face.” The girl started to cry and walked out without a word.

          “That’s how you do it.” Nathan whispered to himself.

          Sam had many kinds of information about Nathan so she already knew that he broke up with her girlfriend even before everyone knew about it. She also heard from others that Nathan was starting to like her after he had broke up with her girlfriend. She wouldn’t believe it easily so, she just discarded the thought.

          One time, Sam checked her email because she knows that her tita would send one that night. Instead of seeing the name of her tita in the messages, she saw an address that’s unregistered. Sam began to wonder of who would send that message to her saying hi and telling her that he really likes her. She started to solve the mystery inside of her mind. She was thinking…deeply and carefully. Suddenly, her thoughts said, “Nathan.”

          The next day, during lunchtime, Sam was seating all alone, studying. Then a small little voice came from nowhere.

          “May I seat here miss?” As she looked up, she saw a warm smile and cute friendly little eyes. It was Nathan. Sam got shocked and she wasn’t been able to talk so she just nodded and Nathan took his seat and started to eat. It was quiet. The silence was starting to break everyone’s ear. Sam wasn’t really studying and just using her big book to cover her face. After a moment, she heard another voice. She didn’t know that voice but she completely heard every word.

“Hate me, don’t talk to me. Just hang out with that girl and keep on ignoring me.” Even though Sam couldn’t see Nathan’s face, he knew that Nathan was totally pissed off.

          Nathan picked up his glass, which is full of water and boom, it all splashed on her ex-girlfriend’s face. Everyone looked. Everyone noticed. Nathan did it on purpose because he was really pissed. Everyone couldn’t laugh because they knew it was a serious matter.

          After that incident, Sam somehow knew that it was really Nathan who was writing to her. Weeks have passed and Sam and Nathan started to say HIs and HELLOs. It was really a happy moment for Nathan every time Sam would reply to one of Nathan’s His.

At home, it was 7:30pm and Sam was watching basketball on the TV. While watching, the phone rang. She walked and answered it.

          “Hello Sam.” She got shocked and petrified.

          “This voice, I know this voice…” Then a second after thinking, the guy said,

          “It’s me, Nathan.” In a gentle way. She got shocked again. She asked him how he got her telephone number.

          “Secret! I’m superman. I know everything.” The conversation continued and it was undying. It was more than 5 hours of talking and laughing. Sam noticed that it was already 2:45 in the morning so she decided to say goodbye.

          “Hey it’s already late. I have to go to sleep.”

          “Oh, okay…Sleep right now, okay?”

          “Okay, bye.” As she was about to down the telephone she heard,



          “Don’t hang up on me. Sleep from where you are right now. I know you’re in your sofa having a good time talking with me.” Sam was speechless.


          “How can I sleep then?”

          “Don’t hang up the phone…Just sleep. So that it will look like I’m there looking out for you…” 

          After those infinite times of conversation every night, Sam knew that she was feeling something special for the guy. She knew that she is starting to like Nathan and is falling…real fast.

“I think I love you, and it must be true. Because I miss you…I’m falling for you, now I need you.”

– full house ost, i think i love you

          A year has passed and Nathan and Sam are happy together during the summer time. They always ate outside, watched romantic movies, etc. The school year is about to start again and Sam’s mom decided to transfer her to another school without knowing the reason. Sam almost cried and he talked to Nathan that day and said to him,

          “Promise me, you won’t find any other than me…”

          They constantly had communication. Everyday, they talk over the phone or text each other and sometimes, Nathan would pick up Sam at her school. Days have passed and they were happy.

          February 14, 2006. No chocolates, No flowers. Just ice cream. Sam likes to eat ice cream and one of her favorite flavors is coffee crumble. Nathan and Sam ate ice cream at the nearby ice cream parlor and Sam was kind of sad because she was expecting that Nathan would give her flowers and a box of chocolates.

          “I thought you’re going to give me some chocolates and flowers…”

          “Well…I thought you don’t like flowers and chocolates…I’m sorry…I’ll buy you next time...I Promise…” Sam didn’t spoke a word. She smiled at Nathan and stared at his eyes. Nathan felt awkward and covered her eyes with his arms saying,

          “Don’t stare too much…It makes me shy.”

          Two days before Sam’s birthday, as she was on her way home, she thought of passing by the mall to look for something she wants on her birthday. As she was walking, she saw this small store and saw a beautiful necklace and really liked it. She was wishing that she would get that necklace and kept thinking that someone would give it to her.                “Miss, how many stocks do you have for that necklace?” she asked the sales clerk.

          “Ma’am, that’s the last one.” The sales clerk replied.

Sam wasn’t happy because she knows that the necklace was really beautiful and she knows that people would like it too so she came up with a conclusion and thought that it would be sold before her birthday.

          April 7, 2006. On her birthday, Nathan was waiting outside the school gate. When Sam was able to go out of the school, she saw Nathan waiting by the store nearby. When Nathan saw her, he went to Sam and told her,

          “Happy birthday, Sam.” And then He opened her bag and brought out his present. Sam was happy because, the presence of Nathan in her birthday is more than enough to make her happy.

          “Don’t open it yet.” Nathan said to Sam, as he was about to give the present. “I hope you’ll like it. I bought it two days ago…”

          “Can I open it right now…please!”

          “No! It would embarrass me…” He paused for a moment and stared at Sam’s eyes. “Oh well, since you really wanted to see it right now.”

          “Yey! Thanks!” Sam torn the wrap, and then saw a case. She got excited and opened it. When she was about to open it, she saw the name of the store. It was the same store that she went to two days before. It was the necklace that she wanted and she was surprised and looked at Nathan, she stared at his eyes and Nathan wasn’t comfortable. He can’t say a word because Sam was really staring at him. Then Sam spoke and took off her stare.

          “Thank you, Nathan…I was really hoping that someone would give this to me…I was in ‘this’ store two days before too. And you bought me the same necklace that I really liked. I think that we were really meant to be…and I like it.” She felt her heart and something weird is going on. She was happy. More than happy.

          “Okay class, don’t forget to bring your materials tomorrow.” The teacher said to them while dismissing them. Sam decided to ask Nathan to help him buy things that she needed to bring the following day. So she called Nathan and asked him if it was okay. They met near the lrt and from there, they bought things at the nearby supply store. After buying, Sam said,

          “Don’t accompany me to our house…It would only cost you a lot…” Nathan decided to agree with Sam and decided not to accompany her to their house. While having their bags inspected, before they say goodbye to each other, Nathan held her hands and said,

          “Goodbye and take care of yourself okay?” Sam was already blushing when Nathan held her hands. She was happy and liked the way Nathan showed his love for her. She was smiling on the way home and looked like a crazy person, laughing by herself all along inside the train.

          During the month of Christmas, the couple decided to go out and watch movies, eat, and many more. After all of those, while walking back home, they passed by a studio.

          “So, would you like to have a picture with me? Its okay if you don’t want to…” Nathan said while pouting and doing those heart melting eyes on Sam.

          “Hmmm…Let me think.” And then laughed. “It’s a little bit old school but…It’s okay with me as long as it’s you I’m with.” Then she smiled at Nathan. They had their first picture together. They were happy even though it’s a little bit old school. Nathan kept the picture in his wallet and he was so proud of it.

“I wish I could take a journey to your mind…and find emotions that you always try to hide.”

- thea

          January 4, 2007. Sam went to Nathan’s school. When Nathan saw her, he said hi and stuffs. And then Sam was jokingly not listening. After that, Nathan got hurt and didn’t talked to Sam at all.

          “I was just joking…I’m sorry…” and then she cried in front of Nathan. It was raining that day and all she wanted to do is to go away from that place. She wanted to go somewhere, where she couldn’t see Nathan’s face. She got home and thought of everything that had happened. She decided to call Nathan and say sorry for the joke.

          “Sorry…Sorry…I know I did the wrong thing and I’m so sorry…” Nathan wasn’t acknowledging the sorry of Sam. Sam cried and cried and didn’t know what to do. It was already 12 midnight. She was really breaking into tears and was about to fall asleep when the phone rang.

          “Sam…” Sam suddenly can’t breathe. “I’m really sorry for taking the joke to seriously…I’m really sorry…” Sam smiled. She didn’t replied and her tears aren’t falling anymore. She started to smile and realized things that Nathan kept doing to her. She felt the love around her. She smiled and smiled and never fell asleep. She was happy.

The following day, Nathan wrote a sorry letter to Sam and she was glad about it that Nathan was doing an enormous effort just to say sorry about the joke. But one week after that, Sam talked to Nathan about something that’s about to explode inside of her.

“Nathan…I think that my feelings changed because of that incident. I think I’m overdoing this relationship. I am really sorry for saying this but, I think I don’t feel the way I felt it before that incident had happened.”

          “No…don’t you give up on me…I will bring back your feelings for me. You know that I really love you and I wouldn’t want it to be put on waste.” Sam didn’t listen and just kept on walking. For one week, Nathan did everything he could. He bought her ice cream, went to their school everyday, call her on her phone, do sweet things and show that he appreciate her the most. And suddenly, Sam’s feelings really went back and were stronger than before.

Nathan decided to date Sam on the upcoming heart’s day. Two days before February 14, she asked Sam’s mom.

          “Tita, I was wondering if I could be with your daughter this February 14. I was wondering if I could date her…” Sam’s mom didn’t spoke for a moment. Nathan was having the creeps and was wondering what to do if her mom wouldn’t let them go out for a date.

          “Okay. But promise me that you’ll be home at 8 o’clock.” Nathan jumped out of excitement and kept thanking Sam’s mom.

          February 14, 2007. After her classes, Nathan was there and they went to Sam’s house to change. After changing, Sam and Nathan went to the nearby mall. Since it was already 6:00pm when they arrived at the mall, they decided to eat. Nathan knows the likes and dislikes of Sam. So she asked Sam,

          “C’mon, let’s eat ice cream.” and smiled.

          “Okay. Where? Dairy Queen?” Then they looked at the line inside the ice cream parlor. They saw that the line was little bit long. It’s because it’s heart’s day. So decided to switch plans. While walking, Sam said,

          “Hey, let’s eat over there. The line looks shorter than the others.” So they went to the line and waited. They didn’t want to waste their time. That’s why they were rushing on everything because they only have two hours left. While waiting, Nathan started to stare at Sam. Sam looked at Nathan’s eyes back. Then she took off her eyes and started to look around. Suddenly, she felt something warm on her hand and her blood was starting to heat up, her heart was beating faster and faster. She looked, she saw her hands holding someone else’s. She saw, Nathan, smiling at her. She was starting to lose herself, she looked around and started to turn red. She tried to take her hands off, but it got harder and harder. She didn’t want to pull out her hands because of not wanting it, she was shy by the people around her. She was starting to sweat, her blood rushed up and wanted to gain more of this feeling. She felt deeply in herself, the love that Nathan was giving. She knew how it felt when someone is able to give love. Love that’s real. Love that’s hard. She realized people were starting to look at them and Sam was more than confident enough not to let go.

          On their way home, they took a ride. They held hands for the rest of the night. Words were not an option that night. All they did is look at each other and smile. Sam would look up every time Nathan’s hand would hold her hands tighter.  The night was unbearable, that night was memorable. It was real and love was there.

          “Goodnight.” Nathan said while they were standing at the gate of Sam’s house.

          “I enjoyed it. Thanks.” Sam replied.

          “I enjoyed it too. I am happy knowing that you’re mine forever and I’m yours too…forever. I wouldn’t let go of this hand. I will always feel you whenever you’re far away from me. I will always love you, Sam. I will…Forever.” Sam smiled back and Nathan knew that she liked what he said. They had part ways and Sam opened their gate and leaned on it. She smiled and laughed. She was thinking of every moment she had with Nathan that night. She smelled her hands and said,

          “I would never ever forget this scent of his…I will always have him for the rest of my life…I will love him forever.”

          April 7, 2007. It was Sam’s birthday again. Nathan was at Batangas that day. He was texting Sam, telling her that he really wanted to go at her birthday. So, Nathan traveled from Batangas to Manila just to see Sam and be there at her birthday. He arrived late at Sam’s house and he was the only person left to celebrate her birthday.

          “Hey you! What are you doing here…you’re not supposed to be here…”

          “I’m supposed to be here. You know that the most. Because you’re very special to me.” Sam was happy that Nathan arrived at her birthday even though it was late.

          “Sam, you know how much I value you. I’ll literally die if you’re taken away from me. All I can do for you in return, for being mine, is to make you feel what I feel for you. I know sometimes, that we fool around get out of track. But always remember, whatever happens, I’ll always love you Sam…I will…always.” Sam was speechless. Nathan was carefully staring at her. Smiling at her. He was thinking of something. He was negotiating with his mind if he’ll do it or not. Sam couldn’t understand Nathan’s movement. The next thing she knew, BLANKED. Nathan hugged her. She can’t move. Her eyes can’t move. She felt Nathan’s heart. Her blood spiked and Nathan was ready for his next move. Nathan loosen up his arms and he kissed Sam on the cheek. She was spiritless. Her blood spiked up again. She couldn’t do anything. She looked at Nathan eyes and saw him smiling. She was loved with one love.

          “Sam, I love you.”

“Love is the beautiful one…and all we need is love, Real love.”

– spring waltz, (loveholic) one love


          It was Sam’s turn to show her love for Nathan because it was his birthday. She decided to prepare a surprise party for Nathan and do everything she could just for Nathan to see that she was loved too.

          “Thank you Sam. I can’t believe that you did this for me. I guess I’m not the only one loving.”

          “Did you like it? I hope you did. Or else...”

          “Or else what?”

          “Or else…Nothing! Just joking!” and then laughs.

          “You really love me do you…I hope you do…I hope you really do.” After saying that, Nathan looked at her. She knew that he wasn’t waiting for a reply and that he was okay with it.

          It was summer and Sam’s family was ready to leave. To leave the Philippines and live the rest of their life in New Zealand. At first, it was hard for Nathan to accept the fact that Sam was leaving. He can't accept it and wanted to do everything he can before she leaves the Philippines.

          July 2007. Sam didn’t enrolled the current school year because they were going to New Zealand. Her former school invited her to play for the upcoming celebration for the opening of the new school year. Sam agreed because she wanted to play for the worship team for the last time. On the day that they have to practice, Sam asked Nathan if he could come with her over the phone.

          “So, what time will we meet?” Nathan asked.

          “Around 4pm is okay. We’ll be practicing after their class.”

          “Oh, okay. I’ll be there. I’ll wait for you by the nearby supermarket in your house.” Nathan wanted to go earlier than that. He wanted to be with Sam more and more because there’s only a month left for them to be together. Sam was leaving at the first week of august.

          It was raining. Classes were suspended. One of the closest friend of Sam texted her and said that their classes were suspended and asked her if she could come early for the practice. Sam agreed and texted Nathan on the adjustment of the schedule of the practice.

          “Hey, ill c u at 10am infront of d suprmrket. D sched was djustd due to d rain.” Sam took a bath and got ready to leave. On her way, she texted Nathan again saying,

          “Im on my way 2 d suprmrket. C u der..” A few minutes later, she arrived at the supermarket. She was surprised because Nathan wasn’t there. He always come before the time that that was agreed on. So she got worried that Nathan would forget her and kept thinking of out-of-nowhere things. Her mind was wandering everywhere.

          “Wer r u? wer bout 2 start.“ She received a text message saying that their practice was about to start. Since she waited there for almost an hour, she decided to leave and go to her former school.

“Don’t you ever forget a moment you had with me. All this was meant and nothing between us was made to regret.” - kyle

          After the practice, she went home with her friends. Sam was lonely and she talked to one of her friend and said,

          “Where is he right now…I miss him.”

          “Probably he’s at home. The rain is so strong. So he’ll be hanging around his house.”

          “You’re right. I’ll give him a call when I arrive in our place. I hope he’ll be okay. I mean, after leaving him alone, he probably waited for me at the nearby supermarket in our house. I told him to wait for me there. But I was the one who left him…I feel so stupid.” She frowned and kept thinking of deep thoughts. She arrived at her house and decided to change because her clothes were all wet because of the rain. After changing, she decided to call Nathan.

          “Hey…did you go to the supermarket today?”

          “Yeah, I arrived their early. I was waiting for you for almost 2 hours. Where were you?”

          “Didn’t you receive my text message? I texted you to come there at 10am because their classes were suspended and the practice was done in the morning…”

          “No, I didn’t. There was no signal.”

          “I’m so sorry…”

          “I was there. Waiting for you. I got wet and I think I’m going to be sick because of the rain. I went to your house and your helper told me that you left the house during the morning. You didn’t even made a time to call me.”

          “I texted you...I called you in your cell phone but no one’s answering…I’m sorry…” Nathan didn’t talked at all and Sam kept saying sorry until Nathan understood that it was an accident and no one wanted for that to happen. The next day, Sam knew that Nathan was sick. He has a high fever and wasn’t able to go to school. She always was calling Nathan on their house and kept asking him if he’s already okay.

          “I’m okay. Every time we talk at the phone, I feel a lot better.”

          Nathan got better after a week. Nathan showed his never-ending love to Sam because she only had a few weeks before they leave for good. So Nathan decided to ask Sam’s mom…again, to date her. Her mom agreed and told Sam that it was okay for them to date. They dated and Nathan showed everything he can, he loved her, he cared for her, he admired her, he wanted to have her for good. Sam was happy because of Nathan. He knew that Nathan really love her and wanted to have her for the rest of life. She knew that, even though their fate separates their ways, she always knew that Nathan would be there…always to be on her back and love her with everything he can.”

          On the last night of Sam, here in the Philippines, They made a farewell party and invited everyone. Sam invited her friends and they all made it out. Everyone made a speech and one of the most special is Nathan’s speech. In his speech, he told everyone how much he loved Sam. He told all of their memories, good and bad. He told everyone that he didn’t regret a thing with Sam. She told everyone that Sam is all he wanted to have. He wasn’t happy that night. He knew that she would be leaving him. She knew that all of those will be gone after she leaves. He was crying. In front of everyone. He said,

          “I love you, why do you have to leave me…” He was crying. His tears was breaking apart and nothing could stop the reality that she was leaving him.

          After the party, everyone left. There were hugs and kisses everywhere. A sign of remembrance, a sign of loving and parting their happy memories with them, her family. When Nathan was ready to leave, Sam was with him. She was with him until he was be able to ride his way home. Before they part ways…*kiss*

          The next day, they were ready to leave and was waiting for their flight. It was also the day that Nathan would be taking the UPCAT exam. So, for the last time, Sam and Nathan wanted to be together. They wanted to be able to enjoy their last presence with each other. Sam went to Nathan’s house and helped him to get ready for the exam.

          “You’ll be okay. I know you will be.” And then she smiled at her. She got curious why Nathan wasn’t riding any jeeps that pass by. She wanted not to leave and wanted to be with him forever. Until Nathan spoke, and it was a language that only the two of them could understand.

          “Last ten minutes. I want to be with you for the last ten minutes.” She cried. She doesn’t know what to do…

          A week after, Sam was already at New Zealand. Everything changed. There were no more places that she could go to when she was scared, there was no ‘Nathan’ that she could be with when she feels alone. There was no night during the first and second week when they didn’t cried. It was a jealous fate. Both of them couldn’t stop what’s happening. Until now, they both feel lonely, they feel alone every time they needed someone to be with. Someone to make them smile when the worst feeling is felt.

“True Love is to sacrifice for the one you love. Like Jesus, He died for our sins because He loves us. And for both of us. SINCE THE DAY that we felt something for each other, up to now, that were having a relationship, we weren’t able to be together. Like in our school, he was their and I was here. I’m over here at New Zealand but he’s their, in the Philippines. For us, we are willing to accept if were not meant in the future. But I know that God placed us together today because He knows that we could help each other out.”


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