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      Just Down the Road


I was at my best friends' house a lot this past summer. She had been talking about this guy who lived down the road from her lately, and she really liked him. I persuaded her to introduce us, so we took a walk down the road to his house. We stopped and talked for a little while, then went home. We did this a couple of times when I realized something kind of bad. I liked him also. My friend started dating him, and I was cool with it, but in the back of my mind, I would always feel guilty when I would talk to him. A short while after they started going out, he broke up with her on the same night she had planned to dump him. Then he told me that I was now his main interest. I figured that she didn't like him anymore, so I decided to spend some time with him. She found out and was really upset/angry. She stopped talking to me. That was really hard on me.. It felt like we had broken up or something, and I missed her a lot. I finally wrote her an apology note and we made up. Meanwhile, the boy started avoiding both of us, and went out with another one of our friends. That made us both mad, but it was glad that we were on the same side. Just lately, the boy started talking to me again, but we've both been trying to ignore him. He's not worth it. Advice for anyone who's going through this situation: ALWAYS pick your bestfriend, or any close friend, over a guy. Boys will come and go, but if you do things right, you will always have a good friend : )


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