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he tells me almost every day that he wont leave me and that he wont find any other woman aside from me..

our love was unconditional and we were very happy for 5 years now..

who could have thought we'll end up that long..

he asked me to marry him..i said yes..

i was so happy and i dont have anything more to ask..

i felt complete and i was fullfilled..

it was my greatest dream and it happened..

but i didnt know that it would be so painful..

it started when he changed a lot..

when he became dishonest and he's no longer the person i loved..

i didnt want to let go cause i dont wanna waste all those times and the company we shared..

we remained engaged and yet sometimes i think of breaking that up but i just cant..

our engagement was one year and finally we got married but on the day of our wedding my maid of honor came bestfriend..she pulled me back to talk and that the wedding should not be continued..she told me she was pregnant wand the father is my supposed to be husband..i started crying and i ran away from all the embarassment and all the pain..

i went to the place i go when i feel bad and he followed me..i slapped him and i took off the ring and throwed it to him..she embraced me but i fought him but still he held me tight when our tears started to fall down..

i sat down in distress and he sat beside me..he held my ahnd and started explaining..

"i dont know how it started but i got drunk that night and just got up in her bed..thats when she told me she had feelings for me but i ignored her..the next days she kept running after me but i hid frome her cause if i would face her i might do something ill regrethen she came up one day and told me she was pregnant and her parents would kill her if i wont marry her..they're afraid their name would be destroyed for that and they can take away everything we i tried to push you away for you to tell me that were gonna break up.. it hurts me seeing you get hurt especially if i am the reason of your pain..i dont know how to say sorry cause i know it isnt enough..i dont know what more to do but just secure your stabled life right now cause i know youve earn for it. i know im stupid for this and maybe i aint even a man for it but its the best i know to save you..loosing you is the hardest in my life and i wont get over this for the rest of my life..i love you and i dont know if you would still believe it..just remeber that in every time you fall in every pain you'll take and in every day you live ill be here even if you pushe me so hard ill keep running after you..forgive me for my mistake i would understand if you wont talk to me forever..but i have learned from this and i guess ill just have to pay the consequences of my actions..take care and i love you"..


after that night i took a flight to boston and i got an apartment. i left everything. my work so i had to start all over again starting from the ground.after 3 long years i went back with my head up high but with my feelings still the same.

i heard they didnt get married and that my ex bestfriend had a n ectopic pregnancy which caused her babys death. i found out they were never friends and that he only was with her cause of the baby, sad to say he went to spain after the death of their baby and that he also did what i did, he started over again.


i decide to stay for good cause my heart already forgave.

and after a year he came back and he started courting me again..

we started from the start which made us unbreakable and our love that last till the day we die.


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