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      Third betrayal


I have known this guy for 10years. We are together for the third time around. He was always a very closed person and although we were basically together for so long I still know so little about him. My mother could never trust him completely but I wanted to see the good in him, we have two children together, I had to believe this.

After he left me pregnant the first time I had to depend on my parents and friends. I know this sounds stupid but I took him back and fell pregnant again, he married someone else. After two weeks he phoned me and asked me to give him another chance. I wouldn't so I got on with my life without him for basically two years. He kept on pursuing me, making me feel guilty about the fact that he couldn't be a father to his children, I took him back.

He had the best intentions for a while but somehow things changed again, he changed again, I think there is someone else but I have no proof. What do I do? I have grown used to him again, it is so hard to be by yourself after such a long time, but I know I have to.

This is not even the whole story, there is so much more but I can't put it into words.


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