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      She'd hate him for that


She caught a glimpse of him, he was walking her way. Her stomach tightened and tangled in knots.  She wondered how it would go after so long. She wondered how he’d react. She knew he’d seen her; she stiffened slightly and carried on a forced conversation with her friends. Of course he’d have to acknowledge her presence sooner or later, but no.   He walked right on past. Torn from her thoughts she spun around and watched him leave without a second look. “Oh.” She said simply. So that’s how it’s going to be... He stopped to talk to another girl and put his arm around her shoulder. It’s all for show. She knew it but she didn't care. Her mind fought with jealousy. She promised she’d get over him but she didn't know if she could. He didn't feel remorse, maybe, because he knew she’d be angry, not sad. He liked her better that way. Anger could be handled; tears were a lot harder to work with. He smiled to himself. She’d hate him for that.


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