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      Loving My Sister's Ex- Lover


Andem and i have always been good friends. We always seem to get along well even when his lover, my sister would annoy him to misery. We share a lot of similar interests in life. We love the same music, fashion and even values of life. However, we never crossed the line as he is already involved with sister.


Today they are apart and not because of me. She just pissed him off so badly and the differences were just irreconcilable so they parted company. But to this very day i remain is very close friend. He calls me almost every day and he is such an inspiration when he calls!


I really wonder if it would be correct to pursue the relationship deeper. He keeps inviting me out telling how much he adores me. Sometimes when i mention him to my sister she says "don't encourage him as he is no good and i want him to stay away from my family". He keeps saying how much he admired me from the first time we met and how deep down he wished he had known me first.


Honestly, i enjoy his company but i respect my sister's feelings so i wonder what to do now. Should go for love or dismiss him a remain loyal to my sister's request?


Why is love so complicated and always appear in unexpected places?


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