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vacation came right...

i hadnt seen him for awhile but he calls me when he has time

he was at he's grandparent place and me, i was left at home with my strange home buddy.

Then classes started again.

first day while i was looking up for a chair there was one thats empty. i went to get it when a guy was looking up for a chair was him..

tahnk God someone got out of the room and we got to sit down.

he never felt the way i did.

i never told him. we were just friends. thats what i would say..

years passed and we both graduated and we moved out

and went to another town.

we parted ways.

communication too.

til i had my stabled job at a company.

and i kept that book i found at the shop..

i even wrote stuff on it when i get bored..its just that there was something

that cant get me away from it..i loved the story i even repeat reading ..

i went back to my old town and when to my favorite shop..

i sat to where i used to..reminiscing..when i remembered this guy.where could he be right boss called me and was getting mad..

i ran at rush to get there when i found out i left the book..

i thought maybe i could get it back some time..

sure the owner will keep it..

i was about to get a cab when i nearly got hit by a car..

i got mad..

and even scolded the driver to get out, when he did i started talking stuff and my tongue wont stop till i stared at him, yeah, it was him!

we had a talk and talked about stuff after graduation..

and whats going on with our present lives..

he brought me home . to my own apartment and got my number that really suprised me..

then to cut it short..

our relationship went deeper.

i got on to he's stuff in a box..

i went through all the stuff and found the book i lost in the shop..

i took it and went to ask

'hey, how did this reach you?"

he started to laugh

"well thats kinds weird thing cause i lost it years ago when we were in college,in a coffee shop where we bumped into each other..remember when we met again i passed by the shop and found it there so i got it, i had no time looking what happened but i know its mine cause of the marks i left at the back..i just ignored the other writings..dunno who wrote it why?.."

i was shocked and went back all our encounters..that wasnt coincidence.

it was destined to happen..i smiled and kissed him

"well this own was with me for so long years now and i left it at the shop when we me again..i know its it cause of the writing i left in front of it..i kinda read it lots of time..actually memorized never told me you loved reading like this ones.."

Now were happily married with 2 bright kids.

we had our dream house built and he got promoted at work which made him a boss..and me, im starting to put up my own boutique while im working as an executive manager at my company..

comment on this story..

believe fate now????????????


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