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      The party that changed my life.


2 years before I had broken up with my boyfriend because he had moved to another country. I was heartbroken. I thought I had really loved him but I thought it wasn't meant to be. It took me a long time to get over it but eventually I started to get back to how life used to be without him. I was happy with being single and just spending time with my friends. I was finally happy with who i was.


I was not expecting to find the love of my life when I got invited to a birthday party at a friends house. I didn't know many people there and i felt kind of out of place. I was in the kitchen with a couple of people just talking with them when this guy walks into the room. I stopped the whole conversation and introduced himself to everyone. I was instantly attracted to him. He had this confidence about him and I just couldn't stop looking at him.


I thought I was being stupid by liking him. How could someone like that want someone like me? I'm not one of those people that really gets noticed by people, but something about him made me want to talk to him. Well then we went to the park and he seemed to hang at the back and seemed sort of hang around the back and be by himself. I had this urge to want to go and talk to him and ask him if he was okay, but I never did. I was scared that he was just think I was weird or not worth his time.


We went to the park and as I was on the swings by myself and he just came up and started talking to me. I was so taken aback. Why would he want to talk to me? The more he talked the more I liked him. I felt like i was falling fast. It was a big deal for me because it was the first time that i was able to actually have feelings for a guy after my ex had left.


The party went on and we were back her house watching a movie. There was no more room on the couch so I sat on the floor beside him. She had a dog and I am scared of dogs. Every time that it got near me i would freak out, but he would put his leg in front of it to stop it from coming towards me. I felt like he was protecting me and I felt safe. Everything that he did just made me like him more.


Later on we went to Kemah, a place with rides and restaurants. We each got to ride one ride and i really want to be on one with him. Things didn't work out like that and I felt kind of upset. I just felt like i was being stupid by thinking that this could have worked out. I mean why would he want to date someone like me. While we were there we started talking a lot. There was this water fountain and he kept trying to get me wet. I felt like we were flirting but i didn't want to look too much into it in case it was nothing.


After that we went back to her house to watch some more movies. This time we got to sit on the couch together. Through the whole movie i could feel him next to me. I had all these butterflies and I couldn't stop thinking about him. I had my arms crossed and it started to get uncomfortable so i put my arms at my side. He also happened to do that and i could feel his hand on mine. I didn't want to move but i didn't think he liked me so i thought it would be awkward. I really wanted to hold his hand so i twitched a little and he still didn't move his hand back. So i kept doing it and eventually my hold hand was in his. I could feel my heartbeating so fast and I was so nervous! We were watching Simon Birch and came to the part where they crash the bus. I got scared and he actually grab my hand and held it. I squeezed it because it was an intense part. I was actually holding his hand and he wasn't pulling back! I started to realise that he liked me too.


The party ended and he left without even getting my number. I was staying the night at his house and so I asked the girl for his number. I wrote him a text and I kept rewriting it over and over because i thought everything i wrote sounded wrong. After about an hour i finally sent it and then he replied asking who it was. I thought i was so stupid for not putting that. I replied and he said I'm so happy you sent me a message. I felt so stupid for not getting your number and just leaving. I was so happy at that moment there is nothing that can explain it.


The next few days we started talking a lot. Everything i found out about him made me like him more and more. He was the sweetest, most caring guy i had ever talked to. About three days later he asked me out and i said yes right away. That day was probably the best day of my life. I was so happy and it was the best feeling in the world. That weekend i had a swim meet and he came to visit me. I saw him and i just realized how amazing he really is. 9 months later we are still together today and I love him so much. We have the best times and he the best guy that i have ever met.I'm not saying that we don't have our rough spots but we get through them and I love him so much!


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