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i never believed in destiny. i always kept in mind theres no such thing.

but not when i proved it my self.

he was one of the most adored guys in our town. he was completely gorgeous and very approachable. every girl had a crush on him and they would even follow him or lets say they stalk him. but not me and some dont.

i just ignored him but i really admired him secretly.

one day i had coffee at my favorite shop. i go there almost every day after class. but that day was different cause i just bumped into this guys shoulders but that was nothing i thought.

at my sit i saw a book its a love story book. and i thought of getting it back to the owner but i had no time looking for who ever owns it, i asked the shop owner ans he said the last person who sat there was a guy. i laughed, why?.. a guy who reads love stories..thats not usual.

i picked the book and i took it..

the next day i was in school bored with the lecture going on.. i thought of getting my phone but i saw that book and so i read it..and it got me excited reading so even break times i read it..until i got home i read it..til i finished it..

then i came from a mall that saturday and i was rushing to get the cab in front for it was raining and i had no i stepped in there was a guy and oh my he was the one i admired for so long..the guy who keeps being chased by girls in town..and to think he's just my neighbor..

i was about to step outside but he said-hey!its raining hard out there might as well join me in and ill just drop you off..if im not mistaken your house in just steps away from us right?..

well i had nothing to do so i joined him and i felt like my heart was going to burst..but damn we werent talking..he was busy with he's phone..i got disappointed when i got home but at least i was with him..

after that we had no encounters again not until one day at school when i was looking for my physics report i suddenly slipped the stairs and my things scattered.. urghh it was not so good..and then i walked in for class when iwe had a new classmate it was him..the chair beside me was empty so he sat there and again my heart was feeling the same way like in the cab..he handed me my lipstick..that puzzled me..i was about to ask when he said--you forgot to pick it up when you slipped while were rushing so i thought id just give it when i see you and here we are were classmates..

i said thanks but that was it talks..

after that day whenevr i attend my physics class i get so nervous and crazy of the fact that he sits beside me..

after a month while i was playing soccer with my girl i kicked the ball wrong and i hit someone i ran to see who he or she was but it was a he and it was him..i said sorry but he remained impassive and handed me the ball--next time you have to be careful you might injure anyone..

that was weird and then my friend told me he was a star soccer player at hes former school that really bugged me cause i really wanted to learn about the sport and i decided to stay up till night when all the people are gone so i could practice and i wouldnt hurt anyone the next time..

while i was playing i felt someone watching me from afar i looked around and then he just appeared from the dark..

what are you doing here i asked..

he said..

i m here almost every night..its the place i stay when i dont wanna go home and i wanna be alone..i can see obviously why your here..want me to help you?

i blushed

if its okay with you then i'd love to have a coach..

we had fun and walked together from school since then we became friends..

and got to know each one..he was fun to be with he was so god i cant find the words..then i fell in love so deeply but so sad we were just funny..but its a fact..

vacation came..

to be continued..

got no more time..


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