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      I fell inlove with my student....


I just had a terrible relationship before the time I decided to get back to teaching.I found comfort and relief being with my students its as if their all I have and they helped me forget about what happened to my past heart ache

The school year ends and another group of students came into my life. And I didn't know that I will meet the person who will make me fall again . I never thought it could happen becausethe guy was thenmy student. He was not the type of student that a teacher will easily like and want to have in her class. I always get mad at him not knowing that he is starting to like me. Maybe because I still have the pain of loosing someone I poured everything all attention to my students in which I think he appreciated so much. Before the end of the school year I got very sick it was during the time of our school fair that I had n anxiety attack so i need to resign from work, not knowing it caused so much heart ache to that student of mine. Not knowing that he has special feelngs for me they would always come to my house and visit me until one day he sent me a letter informing me of what he feels . I didn't mind cause I thought it was just a boy thing. I was not able to see him for a year and during that time a had a relationship with another guy but sometimes i still receieve messages from him letting him know that he still haven't change his feelings for me. Then the guy that I was with broke up with me that gave me another pain. it was Christmas time still dealing with hertache. I sent a christmas card for my whole class. they gave me a visit he went too. He looked better better and he often glimpse at me from where I am and it flatters me. Then after we just suddenly exchange text message and I suddenly felt the same thing for him. with 13 years of age gap it gave me a difficulty to resist him cause nobody gave me such attention as him. That was also the time my sister was about to marry so I invited him and his classmates. That night all his classmates left except him I accompany him to to get a cab then before he left he gave me a hug that made me blush with surprise. We continued talking andcalling then he asked me out i said yes cause Im starting to fall. We were walking hand in hand we ate and had so much fun. But in 2 days I will be leaving for Vietnam. He asked to see me the day before I left. When I was about to leave he kissed me and hugged me and gave me a very sad stare then i leave. i had my training in Vietnam in the field of Cearmics for 2 weeks. I was worried while I was away cause I finally realize that ilove him and I want tobe with him. When I cameback we saw each other again . then he asked me if i love him, then I said yes. That was one of our happiest daysWe wre together almost everyday . But I will have to go to Spain and stay there for a month, it gave so much worries. the time came that i need to go he was crying and asking if I can just not go. But I have to. While I was away we would always fight on the phone even in text messages. Not knowing that i was giving him so much opain and difficulties,then he started to hate me and lost his love. when i came back he told me how much i've hurt him. He was crying hard cause he said he hates himself cause he lost his love for me. until now I still suffer from pain of loosing him.


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