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      Too influenced


I had dated this guy longer than anyone else and just knew he was the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with. He talked to people about how much he loved me and how he was looking forward to us finishing college so that we could build a life together, but it all changed when his overbearing, rude, and all around bad person of a best friend decided I wasn't right for him.

Everywhere they went together his friend would say that I was a bitch, ugly, fat, or something. He said it constantly and in front of people in hopes that he could make my ex mad or make him look stupid. Finally, I got tired of the lies and the insults from his friend so I ended it all. After it was over we both realized that we wanted to work it out and ignore others but as soon as his friend heard this he started with the rude remarks, the "you can do better than her" and "if you go back out with her I ain't going to chill with you anymore. Her or your friend? Its's your choice man." He of course was afraid of loosing a friend of 13 years and his friend won.

To this day he admits that he isn't happy and wants us back together. I still hope that he will realize his choice was not the right one. Maybe a bridge will soon be built along the large gap that is keeping us apart.


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