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      A man worth waiting for


it all started years ago, when i had just enrolled in another one of my many schools my parents travelled allot, so i never stayed in one place for long, i found it so hard to make friends i didn't see the point considering i was just going to up leave only a few weeks later, i hated my parents for doing this to me i just wanted to have a normal life.


when i started this new school i would never have guessed i would meet my soul mate there, he was a shy boy i found him quite cute but not many people spoke to him thinking he was to scrawny and nerdy, but liked him just the way he was but of course i never wanted him to know that for the fear of being rejected, one time we bumped into each other at the shops and he asked if i wanted to go have lunch with him i was alone so agreed and we went and had macca's, he kept staring at me and it really started to bug me so i asked what was wrong, he said im sorry, i didn't want u to know but, i think nows a good a time as any and just blurted out to me how much he liked me, and that ever since i joined his maths class he thought i was the most beautiful girl he had ever met, i was over welmed, i would never had beleived that he felt the same way about me as i did about him i told him how i feel and 2 yrs later we were still together untill that dreadful day came, when he told me he had  just apllied for the navy, i was heart broken i knew that meant that he would have to leave me for at least three years, he told me it was his dream, and it hoped it would give him a pathway into another job and that he still and always will love me, and that he realises now with the feeling of having to leave me that maybe it was a mistake because he doesnt want to lose me and he doesnt expect for me to wait for him for so long, i knew how much joining the navy meant to him, and that he meant even more, i said that i still had 3 yrs left of uni, so while i was concentrating on studying, he could join the navy and i promised i would still be waiting when he got back, i could see the happiness in his eyes that just lit up his face he told me he could never ask for a better girlfriend and proposed to me on the spot, of course i said yes. 4 yrs later and i had finished my course and just started working as a teacher, my lover was back from the navy and just started a job as an electrician, and we hope to have our big day by spring.


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