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i used to be a simple one...A lot courted me but i wanted only one guy, he was famous and smart, they even say he's friendly. He was my ultimate crush. Some of my friends even asked me why i dont have any boyfriend. I just keep quiet.. I dont know if its love i felt or maybe just a plain crush. He doesn't seem to notice me.. cause im just simple..He wants a girl who is classy.. Im just not that..



He's too busy doing other stuffs thats why he hadn't noticed me staring at him evrytime i get to see him..


Until he's bestfriend courted me.He was cute and funny but still he wasn't my time.He was so patient with me, and he knows my secret..He told me he loved me and he'll help me with he's bestfriend..



He made a way for us to get close but i know he's hurting inside.I had nothing to say but sorry yet he's still around whenever i need him..

This ultimate crush of mine courted me. And as a girl who likes him a lot i said yes. From that day on he's bestfriend avoided me and we had a gap.

But sometimes i catch him plainly staring at me and he still helps me out secretly.


I was happy with my boyfriend, we got along well and we had a good companionship. But there were times i thought of hes bestfriend who got close to me and was ven the bridge between me and my boyfriend..


Not so long when he got what he wanted from me. He hasn't been the same.He was the first guy i gave myself to cause i really loved him. He started avoiding me and every time i ask him to talk it just leads us to a fight.I didnt gave up on him instead i stood strong and i hoped what i was thinking was wrong.. I needed a friend those times and my boyfriends bestfriend was there and held me a hanky. He comfforted me and made me felt okay, even gave an advice.


The next day i just heard from my classmate that he already transferrred to another school miles away from our school. HE even changed he's number and hadn't told anyone.I asked my boyfriend but he told me they were no longer friends and then he broke up with me infront of his new girlfriend and he's friends.


it felt so hard for me that the whole school was laughing at me, we had a show but the video they played was the night i gave myself to my bf. they were all laughing and they judged me. That same day they told me that they just had a bet on me..


i was never the same since then. I turned exactly the opposite of who i was before. i learned how to smoke and to go out with different people at night which made me lost and confused. At school, they already called me a biatch..but i didnt care..


i was chewing a bubble gum when a guy sat beside me. hes smell of perfume was so familiar and i knew who that was when i looked up to him, it was my ex bf's bestfriend,.. We got close again like before and he managed to get me back to what i was before. i became simple again and i cleaned my name with hes help. Then i fell for him, its like i wanted to return back the time when he was courting me.. i was waiting for him to make a move but he didnt..We remained friends..


till i couldnt help my feelings anymore I followed him to tell him how i feel but

he saw me and he was with another girl who he introduced as he's girlfriend.


One day i asked..

"why did you came back here?"


he said

"to help you.My bestfriend and i had a fight cause i wanted to fight for you but he just turned me down and i felt guilty for what he did to you. it took me a long time to get over you. i came back cause i heard the news your not the same. it was just my mission to help you cope up with it cause i still care and thats it"


Now i see him happy with hes girlfriend while im here suffering the pain he had caused me but i aint blaiming him..its just that why does it have to be him..

now i know how he felt before cause its what im feeling right now


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