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      My Brothers Friend.


He was a senior and i was a sophomore when we first became friends. Although he had been friends with my brother since the summer before their freshman year, me and him never were close. I always thought he was so amazing with his great muscular body, those green eyes and that shy kind of side half smile. He is sweet and charming, and gives the best hugs. He makes you feel comfortable and safe. Well we had first period class together and started to talk a lot. Since he was friends with my brother he came with us to the state wrestling tournament with a few of their other friends to cheer my brother on. We stayed at an amazing hotel and had a great time! When we weren't at the wrestling we would hang out in the room and swim. He always wanted me to be in his room with him and his buddies, and when they went swimming he would say he was not going to go if i wasn't. He sat next to me at the tournament and would put his arm around me or hold my hand when it got nerve-wrecking. After when my brother would win he always gave me the biggest hugs. Well the tournament ended on Saturday morning so we had all day Saturday and Sunday at the hotel to be together. We would walk around the hotel with his arm around me and holding hands. He told me how much fun he had being with me all week and i was thrilled because i had had such a crush on him for the longest time and he was finally paying actual attention to me! When we got home we had everyone that stayed with us at the hotel come over for dinner and of course he was the first one there and when i opened the door he came in and picked me up giving me a huge hug. We would talk every day in school and he'd even started walking me to some of my classes! Well in our first period class (gym) he always wanted us to be in the same group and if we got to be on a team we'd always be on the same. School ended and one day he left me a comment on my Facebook saying "I'm sad that gyms over and not being with you is going to be that much worse" well i think we all know that when he said that i was the happiest person. Summer went on and he'd come over and we'd talk all the time. But it wasn't until fourth of July that i really thought maybe we have something. We were sitting in my garage listening to music and i was sitting next to him with my feet on the table. Well he picked my feet up and put them on his lap. He'd rub them and rub my legs. All the while he's doing this I'm screaming in my head OH MY GOODNESS! THIS IS NOT HAPPENING! But it was. I'd look over at him and he'd look at me smiling and we'd laugh and talk about everything. Well he asked me to rub his shoulder because it was bothering him so i turned in my chair and rubbed his should then he took my hand off his should and started kissing it. Then he turned in his chair and kissed me on the cheek. I was too nervous to let him keep kissing me for some reason. So i just put my arms around him and buried my head in his chest. He put his arms around me and then kissed the top of my head. We sat like that for a little while then i got up and said i was going to go to bed. He got up and followed me inside. He told me to come over to him and i did. He gave me a hug and then i looked up at him and he kissed me. We stood there kissing for a little while then i backed up and told him no. I said if you really wanted to kiss me you'd do it when you were sober. (we had both been drinking but i didn't want it to be a drunk hook-up.) So he stopped and asked me if i wanted him to kiss me when he was sober and i said yes, then i added but i doubt you will and replies "wanna bet?" I told him yes then gave him a hug and went up to bed. The next morning he texted me and asked if i remembered what happened of course i did and i told him yes. Well it's now October 7th and he still hasn't kissed me. His friends knew about it and have talked to me and said that they aren't sure if things will work out because he's such good friends with my brother but i don't know if i believe them, i know i don't want to.


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